Rod Stewart In The City…DONT MISS HIM

With tons of top vocalist and songwriters making to the top of the music industry, the one name that stands out in the crowd is Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart is a British Rock Star that has sold more than 100 million records until now. The journey of the Rod Steward started from his raspy singing voice and has tons of records and awards to his name.

Rod Stewart In The City...DONT MISS HIM

Rod Stewart will make his appearance in Dunedin, NewZealand on 11 Apr, 2015 and I don’t want you to miss the excellent talent on the show. With tons of sales, excellent song and a huge fan base, Rod Stewart has lasted for almost five decades in the music industry. If you want to grab the seats, the book your tickets now without wasting much of your time.

Most of his achievements include retaining the number one spot in the albums in the UK and overall giving 62 hit singles in the UK. Out of those 62 hit singles, more than half of the singles made it to the top 10, out of which six made its way to the top one.

Talking about billboards will also make it at the top of the race with four of its song reaching the top one spot. He also received tons of honor from other prominent music authorities such as CBE.

The whole journey started in the late 1960s coupled with the Jeff Beck Group and later with the Faces.

The early life of the Rod Stewart was good according to the author. He was the youngest of the five siblings and had a great childhood. In the early days, he was interested in football, but after his father’s retirement, he has to start selling newspapers to meet the day’s end. With his family focus mainly in the football arena, Stewart kept his music hunger apart from collecting the great Al Jolson songs and replayed most of his work. Most of the Steward work is influenced by Al Jolson and even the singing style is influenced by the great singer Al Jolson.

With the difficulties in the football career, he chooses the music way and now we are glad that he did choose this path, otherwise we would never have seen such a brilliant talent and might have missed so many great songs.

The most critical period of his career was the period of 1975-88 where he was at the peak of his career. At this time, he becomes the most reach earners in the UK and also set his new record for the Atlantic Crossing album.

With everything going fine, he continued to give the best songs such as Sailing and other “This Old Heart of Mine” making to the top 10 hits in the year 1976. So, what criticism he got? The song “DA Ya Think I’m Sexy” got blamed by the critics. The song was similar to another popular Brazilian song “Taj Mahal”, which in turn lead to a lawsuit against the legend.

During the period of 1995 to 2001, he started new ventures that helped him to expand his loyal fan base and earn more. He also learned songwriting through criticism and worked with Warner Bros. at that time.

The history and achievement of Rod Stewart are too many to fit in this article. We hope you like the information and would urge you to attend his latest performance.

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