Rustic Gourmet Food: Foie Gras

Foie Gras is popular as fatty liver and is a popular French delicacy. Though prepared in a brutal manner by the force feeding of ducks and geese, yet this food is a prime choice of Europeans and the French people.

A number of mouth-watering recipes accentuate the worth of the gourmet food. All the dishes are prepared easily and preserve the rich flavour. Black pepper and salt are the only ingredients that can be added to the foie gras. The usage of other preservatives is not recommended. The foie gras products are known for their high nutritional value.

Rustic Gourmet Food: Foie Gras

Here are some of the popular fresh foie gras foods that are liked by the folks:

Medallion of Duck Foie Gras: It is prepared from the Moulard ducks and contains black truffles. Relish the pure foie gras and have a perfect dining experience.

Foie Gras Cubes: Extremely fleshy the foie gras cubes are prepared from the grade-A livers od ducks. You can store the cubes in the freezers and then sear them when eating. Try the foie gras cubes with pasta and red wine sauce for a wonderful appetite.

Duck Foie Gras Torchon: Blended with special ingredients, the duck foie gras torchon is the most delightful recipe. A spritz of salt and sugar would accentuate the rich flavour of traditional foie gras.

French Kisses: Also known as love bites, the French Kisses are the ultimate gourmet you must try. The twosome of French kisses and champagne would be a perfect plat du jour.

Hudson Valley Grade-A Duck Foie Gras: A peculiar food item of the culinary, the Grade-A foie gras is a choice of many. Seeing the creamy and buttered top, you will find saliva flooding in your mouth. Sear it in a hot pan for have a wonderful savour.

Foie gras can be termed as one of the priciest foods. It is generally available at 50$ per pound. Different preparations of foie gras are available at different rates. The ready to serve terrine packing is available at $52.75. Grade-fresh foie gras can be procure at $57.75 and stays fresh for a duration of one year.

The torchon of foie gras comes in a cylindrical packing and costs about $41.5. It stays fresh up to a time period of six weeks. Sliced foie gras is available in the market at $51.5 and refrigerated to preserve the original tang and savour. It is non-perishable and lasts for an year to the most.

White wine, breads and the foie gras make a perfect palate. Among the wines, you can try the Bordeaux, Sauternes, Jurançon, Monbazillac and the Bergerac wines. The foie gras food taste best when refrigerated. Remember you store them in cool conditions before serving them.

Sliced foie gras layer on the top of the Wagyu Burger is another popular delicacy. Relish all the sweet and velvety preparations of the fresh foie gras. Enjoy the ultimate taste of hot seared foie gras. It tempting taste will make it your favourite food.

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