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The summertime heat is needed to rise, and in many places, the temperature has already been crossing the 40 Degree boundary, which is extreme. The enthusiast doesn’t help in any way and AC is something that cools you for certain, but once you get the electricity costs, you want to know whether you are spending money on your own comfort or you’re nourishing records to the AC.

Best air cooler, so, what is actually a solution that helps to keep you cool while maintaining the electric bills lower? The answer is a high-performance Air Cooler.

How does an Air Cooler work?

The working of an air cooler is simple and set after a basic phenomenon – Evaporation. An Air Much cooler consists of a pump that pumps water from the tank on to a cooling pad. Now, a fan or blower pumps air from the surroundings and pass the air onto the cooling pad. As the air keeps passing, through evaporation, the air gets cooled hence, providing a cool airflow in any set direction.

Why should you buy an Air Cooler?

An air cooler has quite a few benefits over ACs, but here are the Reasons you should buy an air cooler.

An Air Cooler is way cheaper than an AC- Most of the air coolers will cost half of what an AC would cost for chilling a single room.

  • Air Much cooler is highly lightweight and directional, that can cool any given target area, they provide the freedom of focusing in only one direction, which means the air flow can be controlled which makes it perfect for naps.
  • While using an air cooler, the area doesn’t need to be isolated at all – This is probably the biggest problem most people face with ACs. You are unable to get proper chilling with ACs even if small air flow is left open and before turning on, you will have to ensure that the room is sealed.
  • Air Coolers, even after long-term use doesn’t raise moisture levels in the room. They use the basic principle of evaporation, and by this process, the air is cooled.
  • Eco-friendly – Air coolers use water coolant, which is safe for use and is eco-friendly.
  • Air coolers don’t need any kind of special insulations in the room, and it can operate without a stabilizer; also most air coolers these days can run on inverter power as well. As it consumes reduced power compared to an AC, you can relax without worrying about a full electric battery drain.
  • Low operational and maintenance costs – Air Cooler’s electricity usage is minimum amount and maintenance cost is low. Also, spare parts of air coolers are way cheaper and available easily almost everywhere, so if something goes wrong, air coolers can be fixed quickly.

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