Sinkhole Opens Up In Hertfordshire Outskirts Causing Evacuations

This is not the first time that a sinkhole has actually appeared on the face of the earth. Sinkholes have been a hot topic for international breaking news for innumerable timesin the past.

This time, a sinkhole opened up in Hemel Hempstead, a locality in the outskirts of Hertfordshire, UK, on February 15. It was around 7:30 GMT when this hole suddenly opened up and created panic in the locality.

There are many reasons that are being associated as the cause of this sinkhole opening up in Hemel. According to experts, one of the chief causes can be the heavy rainfall that the region has experienced recently.

In fact, rainfall has been attributed for a number of sinkholes that have opened up recently in the country.


This hole, which opened up in Oatridge Gardens, was estimated to be 9 metres (39 ft.) in width and 6 metres (20 ft.) deep. Currently the situation is quite under control with the police working in full swing towards evacuating the area.

Not less than 17 houses had to be evacuated because of the sinkhole. Though the sinkhole did not actually damage any of the houses in the vicinity, it can still be a reason for panic. The hole appeared in a suburban road in the Hertfordshire outskirt. Work is going on to repair the road and prevent such an event in the future.

Sinkhole Opens Up In Hertfordshire Outskirts Causing Evacuations

Local Verdict

According to a local resident, there is very little that can be done about things that are so unpredicted. The possibility of other sinkholes opening up in the region cannot be ruled out completely, which may be a matter of concern as well.

People were naturally not very happy to evacuate their homes, although that seems to be a temporary measure till things are absolutely under control.

What are Sinkholes and how are they caused?

Sinkholes are often known by a number of other names, including shakehole and swallow-hole. These holes are generally a result of the ground collapsing under the surface. This can be due to erosion, dissolution of the rocks or other components in the ground, an underground cave collapsing, or even when the water table in a region moves lower.

Sometimes rain water can enter the ground through a crack in the surface and dissolve the rocks in the ground. The rain water can even be a cause or eroding the components of the ground. In both cases, the layer under the surface starts to thin out, creating a situation where the surface does not get the support it was getting. This results in the ground collapsing, resulting in a sinkhole.

Some Other Incidents Involving Sinkholes

Sinkholes have been in international breaking news quite a few times in the history and the recent past. Some of the most famous sinkholes in the world, according to Fast News Release, include:

  • The Devil’s Sinkhole (Hawthorne, Florida, USA)
  • Dead Sea Sinkholes
  • The Chicago Sinkhole (in 2013) that swallowed cars

There have been a number of incidents in 2014 itself that have made it to the breaking news.

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