Some Of The Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Hat

There are only a handful people, who like to wear hats and can pull of the look perfectly. Hats are like an endangered species in the fashion world and if you wear them in public, you will most certainly invite attention from strangers.

Some Of The Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Hat

Even though people hesitate to wear hats in public, you must give it a try to understand the look on yourself. In comparison to men, women are more daring and prefer wearing Fedora Hat in public. If you are considering wearing hats, you should consider few important things while choosing a hat for yourself. Here are few tips and things to consider while choosing a hat. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Personal style –

The first thing to consider while choosing a hat for yourself is your own personal choice of style. Many people think that the most important thing to consider is the shape of the face, but your own personal style is much more important. You need to do a little research and find out your personal choice of hats that you prefer. There are many different types of hats like the Classic Fedora Hat, bohemian hats, preppy hats etc. Once you are able to relate to a particular type of hat, it will be much easier to shop for one.

  • Hair style –

Your hair style plays a major role in choice of your hats. Many types of hats are suitable for long hair styles and some types are suitable only for short hair styles. For example:-

  1. Long hair style –

For your hair style you must choose Fedoras, floppy, berets and bowlers.

  1. Bob and pixie cuts –

If you have extremely short hair you must choose Bretons, cloches, rolled brims, some pill box styles, picture hats, floppy wide brims etc.

  1. Shoulder length hair style –

Women with hair style till their shoulder length can confidently pull off fedoras, pill box styles, wide brims, bowlers.

  1. Bangs –

Women who prefer to have a hairstyle with bangs should choose a hat which goes away from the forehead and if they do come down they should be wider just like a wide brim cloche.

  • Climate –

After considering your personal style and the shape of your face and your hair style, the next most important thing is to consider the climate outside your house. Straw and floppy hats are best worn in summers and wool and fur hats are suitable for winter seasons. It is important that you choose a hat that suits your style, but do not wear a wool hat in summer season or else you might melt away.

Hats are a great choice of wardrobe. If you want to experiment with hats and include them in your style you should consider buying hats from They offer a wide range of women’s hats suitable for every face shape and style. You can choose the hat that suits you and flaunt it this season.

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