Survive The Only Deficiency Of The Cloud

The cloud technology has proven to be the golden chalice for the businesses. The dawn of cloud age has made everyone a technician and has given every business a fair chance to prosper. The entrepreneurs are not feared to expand the business or start any new venture because of the features provided by the cloud.

But this does not mean it is all sunshine in the cloud. With all its fancy features and impeccable services, this technology is fallible. And the Achilles’s Heel of the cloud has been its Inability to manage the power outages. Despite the provider’s best attempts, this remains a big issue and one which requires close and diligent scrutiny from the user. Correct measures are needed to be taken if cloud is to be utilized in a way that benefits every party involved.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

  • Ignoring the data that goes to the cloud is the biggest mistake a businessman can commit. Make sure you have the complete documentation of the data that is in the servers of the provider.
  • If the firm is completely dependent on the mode, then extensive mapping and tracking of the data is the need of the hour.
  • In most cases such an extensive report is not made and when the outage strikes recovery becomes a tedious and an unmanageable task.

Network Outage

  • The network outage is not a very uncommon problem, but is one that most of the firms are unprepared for. The best possible way to solve it is to manage the WAN traffic to provide optimum network performance and distributed data rates.
  • In distributed environment information is spread across many locations and systems. Access times of such places can accumulate to a very slow and cumbersome process.
  • Another way is to make efficient paths for data between the data sites. There is much software available for such an operation.

Survive The Only Deficiency Of The Cloud

Test. Operate. Test again

  • Testing is one solution for every problem and outage is no different. Whenever a technology is being rolled out testing should be the priority in its time line and if not, the product is bound to fail.
  • Make sure that the system is tested in real life conditions, so as to prove its dependability and credibility.
  • Maintaining proper documentation on the tests being carried out also helps in a way that if some earlier problem is encountered effective measures can be looked into.

 User The King

  • This one is for the providers as they should make sure that the user suffers minimum loss. And if done he/she is well compensated for.
  • Another way is to transfer the user traffic to a back-up location so that the user might not feel much bite from the outage.


The ways to prevent outages are being devised every day with none proving to be fruitful so far. If the trend continues it is surely going to become a huge thorn in cloud’s side but looking at previous trends, the flag bearers of the technology have resolved far greater issues. So this problem might not be the same in a few years’ time.

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