Take Care of yourself During Finals Week

When you are busy with school, work, and social activities it easy to forget about self-care. When you do not eat right, sleep, and get exercise you may find it hard to pay attention to your studies. Your physical and mental state can both suffer when you neglect your basic needs. College student often study late and get up early for class. They may sleep very little and skip meals. An exercise regiment is often very low on the list of priorities, or students become too exhausted to work out. Finals week seems to make all these issues worse. There are a few things you must do to take care of yourself during finals week.


It can be difficult to get enough rest when you have hours of studying to do. Start a week or two early preparing for the final exams so you do not have to do everything at once. When your body is exhausted, you cannot retain information properly. If you stay up all night to study, it may take much longer to accomplish simple tasks. You may work faster and retain more information if you get some sleep. If you are behind and cannot commit to a full night’s sleep, at least take a nap for a few hours. Be sure to check the Auburn University final exam schedule so you are not late for your test.

Take a Break

During finals week, you may feel like you must keep studying around the clock. There seems to be little time for anything else. You may not be able to focus well, however, if you are staring at books or a computer for many hours. You can study better if you take a short break. Try to stay off your phone or computer during this break, as well. Go for a walk, have lunch with a friend, or simply take a relaxing shower. You can return to the books with a clear head. If you do not have time for much of a break, at least change your scenery. Get out of the library or your room. Take your books to a coffee shop or sit outdoors under a shady tree.

Snack Smart

It can be tempting to snack on unhealthy things while you are studying. You may think that the candy and sodas are not affecting your well-being. Too many sugary items can make you incredibly tired, however. Many students also skip meals because they do not have time to go to the cafeteria or cook. This can make you work much slower, however. Prepare ahead of time by stocking your room with fast, healthy snacks. Fruits, vegetables, and protein bars can help get you through a long night. You may need to ease up on the caffeine, as well. Electrolytes can help you stay awake. You can make your own electrolyte drink by adding sea salt to water. Popular sports drinks are high in sugar, so you should use them sparingly.

Final exam week can be a stressful time. Your body and mind, however, cannot handle stress well if you are malnourished and exhausted. Take a little time to care for your basic needs so you can ace your exams.

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