Technologies to Mark Human Resources Excellence

How do you feel about technologies taking over the role of human resources managers? No, don’t need to be scared of the whole horrifying story of robots walking around the workspace instead of human beings delivering those answers to queries with a smile. We are talking about the coming of age of technologies to be assistant to the human resources managers and taking away all monotony. Sounds good? Eh? Read along.

human resource management

Blockchain: ‘Blockchain blockchain everywhere, nobody to understand.’ It’s not the new version of Samuel Coleridge Taylor’s poem, but that sounds too real in the present atmosphere. It’s similar to Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google famous quote “The ability to produce something that is not duplicate has enormous value in the digital world.” Now, the important question, how can blockchain be leveraged to manage HR? It will help in the verification of candidates as all the information will be saved in blocks and is unalterable. For payroll managers, it will reduce the costs of global compensation. The blockchain is coming with its troop into the domain of human resources management in another 2 years.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Foundation: AI could be easily used in the improvement of decision-making, revamping of customer experience, and reinventing work processes. Digital business plans will be built around this entity that has been here for a while. The power of AI could transform digital twins, Internet of Things (IoT), conversational platforms working on the knowledge of semantics analytics, predictive analytics, and artificial neural networks.

Digital Twins: By making the use of machine learning, software analytics, and artificial intelligence- a digital representation of physical assets is possible. That is called a digital twin. By way of digital twins, one can understand how a particular change in office dynamics like lighting, biophilic environment, and air conditioning is resulting in increased performance and workspace optimization. Even biometric and medical data can be used to check the mood and feelings of employees. The reason isn’t to poke into the private lives of employees. Besides, it’s a dangerous territory. The important thing is looking at how privacy issues of employees will be handled vis-a-vis preparing human resources management optimization with digital twins.

Internet of Things (IoT): When we talk of digital twins, IoT is involved. How? For processes, systems, and platforms to be adjusted to the needs of human resources excellence. Every industry needs human resources excellence and at some point in time, HR will be required to look at industrial drones, safety and privacy issues, robots compliance, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rule.

Conversational Platforms: Employee experience has been crafted from customer experience and now conversational platforms are taking it further. One part of the major work of HR is to reply to queries- what happened to my application, when the interview is scheduled, how many vacancies are available, and what the roles are. Just like Siri or Alexa did, mundane tasks will be automated for HR too.

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