The Advantages Of Home-school vs Public School

Are you thinking about home-schooling your child? You might have come across this article because you were looking for tips and reviews about home-schooling. The population of regular-schooled students seem to be higher than those who are home-schooled. This could be because most parents still go with the ‘tried and tested’ or the ‘traditional’ method of learning. It is best to make a draft with your current income, time, and household situation.

Home-schools are not free. If you are looking to cut spending on education, then home-schooling might not be the option to take since public schools come at a low cost or even free.

The Advantages Of Home-school vs Public School

You can share the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your kids if they are home-schooled. This can result to healthier and less expensive meals for them. Food and transportation costs will be eliminated. You get to know your child, and works based on his learning pace, and discover his strengths at the same time. These are the most important factors we need to consider.

I can’t think of any other way to be as involved as I could be with my children’s progress. Yes, we receive their report cards regularly, but the numbers just don’t say it all. Parents and teachers meetings are done very seldom. What’s difficult about it is that our attentions are only called when they did something bad or if they excelled tremendously. How about if our kids are learning and performing on an ‘average’ according to their standards?

The cost of home-schooling might just be a bang for your buck. Statistically, home-schooled students perform better than public school students. This success has no bearing on whether the home-school parent is certified or not to teach.

Some home-schools have a flexible enrolment schedule so you can easily time the cost to fit your budget. You don’t have to spend so much on school supplies either, since you get to control how these are used. Some public schools cover for supplies too.

Rain or shine your home-schooled child can continue studying without worrying about the weather affecting them. They don’t need to travel to and from school.

You have control over the values your child will learn first-hand from you in home-schooling. This is a big plus for home-schooling since you can focus on teaching God’s word. Public school students are still institutionalized with values and morals.

You might worry about your child’s social and communication skills when it comes to home-school. You might think this is isolating the child from others and will disable them in these areas. This is not true. It will only become true if you let it. The child will learn how to communicate and how to socialize from the parents – that’s you. You will be able to see your child’s learning curves immediately. Not all public school students will be noticed when they fail at this.

You as a parent are responsible for many factors of your child’s growth and home-schooling helps you take the wheel in teaching those things. We are blessed with our children to care for. Do not think that you might be incapable of teaching your own kids. God works on us, helps us, and guides us. Remember, it might be challenging in the beginning. Stay committed. Stay focused.

For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.

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