The Great Side Of “Take Your Dog To Work” Day

Work and Stress

As more and more work needs to be done in offices and as employees feel that stress is getting to them, there is a simple and elegant solution to reducing stress levels and to increase efficiency at work: bring your dog to work. Some companies have already embraced the benefits that pets bring to the work environment.

Although it might seem like too much of a hassle to work and to keep an eye out for your pet, the benefits outweigh this notion. Your pets will not only improve your overall mood and reduce stress but they will know if something is wrong and if you need some cheering up.

Trust and Collaboration

Employees who bring dogs to meetings and who are responsible owners are able to be more trustworthy and ready to collaborate. Dogs also act as mediators and they will help with meeting issues to bridge certain communication issues and to give a good hearty boost to productivity. Also, dogs will help reduce stress levels at meetings, making meetings more efficient. Furthermore, dog owners seem more reliable and are ready for team play with other employees.

The Great Side Of "Take Your Dog To Work" Day

Less Absenteeism

Bringing dogs to your work place might just help with employees to be more responsible and to take out fewer sick leaves or day-offs to reduce overall stress from work, because their stress relief is at the office. Furthermore, during breaks dog owners will be more open for socializing and are more willing to partake in activities and team building tasks, especially if dogs are part of the exercises.

Become Fitter

Bringing dogs to the office does not only help with stress levels, but it will also help you with staying fit and become healthier. As dogs need exercise too, they will invite you to join them, walk them or even have a few minutes break to play with them. This behavior encourages a healthy way of office work, as you will be taking short breaks to refresh your batteries and to let out some steam.

Besides helping out with your overall wellness, dogs can also help out with getting those creative juices flowing. And if you are able to combine break time with some play time, you will be much happier at the end of the day. Remember to also take care of your pets, visit local pet shops to check out pet care products specific for offices.

Dog Policies

Remember to check out what rules you and your little furry friend have to follow in order not to bother other employees. Check with the collective if anyone is allergic and if anyone has any issues with bringing dogs to the company.

Furthermore, your dogs will need to go and perform their own business as well; it is a good idea to be prepared for any accidents that might occur. All in all, look out for your dog’s safety at your workplace as well, they tend to wander off and explore, so make sure that your dogs will interfere with dangerous work, and that they will not bother other employees.

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