The Most Powerful Creatures from the Original Core MTG Set

Magic: The Gathering, a fantasy card game that debuted in 1993, is known for its intricate story lines, complex rules and its cool creatures. Unlike spells, creatures remain in Play after they are cast until they are thwarted or die in battle. Depending on their attributes and abilities, creatures are able to defend or block more or less effectively against other creatures. Each creature is classified as one of several types, such as a soldier, and these classifications can help players develop different themes in their decks. Like other aspects of Magic, a series of rules govern the play of the various creatures, including the casting cost or mana cost. This is the price a player must pay to launch his creature into the game. Power is the measure of the amount of damage a creature can withstand and Toughness measures the amount of damage an opponent must inflict on the creature to destroy it.

Nicol Bolas

You cannot have a fantasy adventure without terrible dragons, and Magic: The Gathering does not disappoint. One of the most ferocious and cunning dragons in the entire multiverse is Nicol Bolas. This character started out as a creature, one of the oldest creatures in this world, but became a more powerful planes walker after surviving The Elder Dragon War, the oldest event in the game’s chronology. It uses its vast experiences and its monstrous form to impose its will on lesser characters. It is adept at magic and is arguably the most powerful being in Magic: The Gathering. Nicol Bolas has had reverses and setbacks and he is by no means all powerful, so it is difficult to rank any creature with precision.


The title of heavyweight creature of the multiverse is probably between Nicol Bolas and Yawgmoth. He began as a human from an ancient civilization. He liked to spread different plagues, infecting innocent populations for the fun of it. Through scheming and brutality he eventually grew very powerful, losing his humanity in the process. His 9,000 year reign of terror across the multiverse, where he was responsible for untold destruction and millions of deaths, made him seem invulnerable. However, he was eventually hunted down and killed in an epic battle.


This creature started out as one of the good guys, but a long trail of abuses, including being scorned by the love of his life twisted him into the vengeful beast you see today. Science fiction and comic book fans might see him as a combination of the hulk and a Jabba the Hutt’s bodyguards, the Gamorrean Guards, carrying his huge battle axe. Although this creature uses his power to attack and oppress others, his tragic backstory usually garners some degree of sympathy for him among players. Perhaps as a result of this, one of the timelines in the multiverse saw him gain redemption.

Greven il-Vee

This creature was mistreated by evil masters and, like a dog that was whipped once too often, lashed out at the world in anger and pain. He is ugly, intimidating and backs these qualities up with the desire to inflict pain on others for no other reason than that he can. Greven il-Vee is a classic henchmen, a creature who lives to carry out the order of his master, no matter how brutal they may be. His power is underscored by the fact that he can only be blocked or attacked by Artifact creatures or Black creatures. This makes him a powerful opponent and a sought after card in many player’s decks.

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