The Requirement Of Drones In The U.S. Army

A lot of brows have been raise since the inception, development and employment of the unmanned aerial vehicles or drones into the U.S. defense forces. The peace makers have time and again raised the question of the necessity of employment of drones and the consequent replacement of humans.

This they question because with time the drones are being upgraded and are being taken to a level where they would no longer require the help of a remote computer operator to manage them. They are slowly being developed to be able to understand and logically seek out, confirm and kill targets till the point they are satisfied that there are no more targets left. They are also being made capable of recording the kill, going back to base and refueling without the help of any human and then returning to their kill mission.

This, according to these peacemakers is going to take it to a point where a terminator scenario will happen in reality. But there are several factors to consider that have led man to create its own replacement. If it would have been so threatening for the humans then why would they want to come up with more and more novel ideas in developing these drones? The Megabite Electronics who have been manufacturing and supplying defense equipments to various reputed companies especially the U.S. military and navy since years, have opined in their blogs that the drones are a new world technological marvel that will take warfare to a completely new level.

The Requirement Of Drones In The U.S. Army

They find immense potential and scope in the employment of drones by the military and the navy in the years to come. This company has been in this business since 1978 and knows very well how the military functions under tremendous pressure and risk. They are also known for their supply of spare in times of emergency and they have been made the official and authorized suppliers of companies like the Air Dry Co., the Joslyn- Sunbank Corp, the Defense Logistics Agencies, etc.

As an argument the points that can be put forward to the peace makers in favor of the employment of drones in the U.S.A. are:

  1. It reduces the life risk of many people, who would have been otherwise employed in fighting wars and losing their lives, like the old times. It hence saves the lives of numerous American soldiers, which becomes an advantage for the nation.
  2. The efficiency of the drone assisted warfares is far better than the humans.
  3. No civilians are targeted or ever have the possibility of losing their life even by mistake by these drones because of the kind of programming that has been done in them.
  4. The collateral damage is not too much because the enemy is accurately targeted and eliminated.
  5. The fact that the enemy countries are opposing the drone warfare initiated by the U.S. is proof enough to understand the threat it is posing among them.
  6. The drones are able to cover greater areas.

These and several other advantages being presented by the drones should suffice for an answer to the peacemakers. After all the drones are the new age weapons as suggests the Megabite Electronics blog.

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