The Top Stag Do Activities to enjoy in London

Welcome to London, the urban capital of the UK! Tourists who come to London tend to see our capital as sophisticated, elegant and full of culture. However, when it comes to having a stag do, you don’t just have to rely on the most common tourist traps and bars to have fun. Instead, you can make your stag do truly memorable by thinking outside of the box. If you need some help getting some ideas on what you can do, why not read our list below? We are ready to give you some ideas to get you started!

Party Boat Cruise

If it’s your last day of freedom, why not spend it travelling around the River Thames in style? There are a number of boat options that can give you an onboard dance floor, casino, buffet or just a drinks venue to enjoy as it turns to evening. A boat ride will allow you to explore London in style without having to even move! If you want some extra entertainment then you can even invite a Bubbles escort from London’s #1 escort agency to keep you and your friends company. This is the party that you are never going to forget about.

Medieval Banquet

Looking for a true way to commemorate your last days of freedom? Well, why not look into a medieval banquet in London! It’s time for you to become a lord with your noble knights and ladies in waiting and enjoy a tankard of liqueur, a 4-course meal, a disco until 11.30 and live jester, minstrels and sword fighting throughout the night. It’s the perfect thing to enjoy if you are an RP fanatic and are ready to transport yourself back over 900 years ago, this is the perfect event for you.

Brewhouse tasting

So, if you and your friends enjoy the light tipple of beer every once in a while, you may want to start looking into hiring a Brewhouse tour in London. London is famous for its distilleries and a lot of factories are open to letting tour groups in. Better yet, you may even be allowed free drinks that you can enjoy in the company of your friends throughout the day. Just try not to get too drunk before any later planned activities.

Virtual Reality Gaming

It’s one thing to have a virtual reality headset, but it’s quite another to have an entire room dedicated to virtual reality. London has a number of Virtual reality arcades that will give you enough space to run around with your friends. Whether you’re doing a shooting game, a haunted house or just a simple team game, you can spend hours in this arcade having fun with your friends. Once you’re done, you can chill out for a drink. These sort of games can really work up a sweat!

Knockout games

London has far more than just urban areas. If you fancy taking your stag do outside, and have access to one of the London parks, you can organise a knock out session. Companies like “Itsaknockout” and “off-limits” provide inflatable games for you and all of your friends to enjoy. This can include bouncy castles, obstacle courses, sumo suits or even tug of wars. If you want to organise a joint hen/stag do, this is the perfect thing to do. Gather your stag mates and ask your wife to do the same with inmates. It’s time for a war of the genders!

Are you ready to enjoy London on your last night of freedom?

It can be hard to say goodbye to your independence. That’s why you deserve to have a night or day that you will never forget. Organising a stag do in London can mean you and your crew have some bonding time that can give you the send-off you deserve. Just try not to get too drunk or else you’ll be nursing your hangover for a long time to come.

Have fun!

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