Every essay requires a conclusion for it to be considered complete. Most students do not understand the importance of the conclusion, and they end up just stringing together a few shallow sentences that are less than impactful on the reader. Students will often think of the conclusion as an after-thought, rather than a concrete section of the essay that helps bring the entire paper together.


The conclusion is the last impression that you give to your readers, and if you want your essay to be memorable, then your conclusion needs to be strong, reminding the reader of all the important things they have read in the previous sections of the paper. The following are some of the ways that you can use to ensure that your conclusion is perfect.

1.     Have a topic sentence

Like every other paragraph in the body of your essay, the conclusion needs to have a topic sentence. The difference here is that the topic sentence will be more of a transitional statement that lets the readers know that they have arrived at the last section of the paper. Be creative when making this transitional statement. For instance, the words, ‘in conclusion’ have been too over-used, and they fairly too obvious. Thus, look for other ways to introduce the conclusion of your paper.

2.     Reiterate your thesis statement

A proper conclusion will always contain a re-iteration of the thesis statement. Please note that you should not simply rewrite your thesis statement. To demonstrate your academic prowess, you need to rewrite the phrase, while still maintaining the original and intended meaning. Reiterating the thesis statement is important because it reminds the reader or re-affirms to him/her the purpose of the entire essay.

3.    Restate the main arguments of the essay

A good conclusion will contain a summary of the main points that were discussed throughout the paper as well as the conclusions you have drawn from the research you have conducted. The conclusion is also the section where you need to answer any remaining questions that the reader may still have regarding the information that you presented in the previous sections of your essay.

4.     Leave the readers with something to ponder over

A perfect conclusion will leave the reader with something to ponder over. You can insert a call of action to prompt your readers to do something with the information you have conveyed to them throughout the essay. You could also re-iterate your most important fact to enhance the topic of your essay. These methods leave a lasting impression on the readers, which makes your essay and your important points easier to remember in the minds of the readers.

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