Tom Rollins – A Man Who Dare To Think Different

In today’s digital age, there is no dearth of online videos on YouTube and many other channels via which people can grab knowledge. Be it, homemakers, college students or professionals, learning something new has never been so much easy. Right from cooking delicious recipes to the nuances of photography, there is an availability of an abundance of videos. Even those who don’t have the money or time to spend or attend regular classroom courses can make use of these videos. However, much before the YouTube, a lawyer understands the vast potential of audio-video courses and establishes a massive company – The Great Courses successfully.

Got the idea from personal experience

The birth of the concept of Tom Rollins teaching is interesting. He got the idea of starting a business of preparing and selling audio-video tapes as learning materials from his personal experience. He in his college days watched the videotaped lectures of an acclaimed professor for the preparation of a final exam. This happens because he was short of time to ensure a good exam preparation. However, he received an A grade which makes him acknowledge the potential of such learning materials. At that time, opening a company to prepare such teaching materials was not very lucrative. However, Tom Rollins was sure that his idea will become successful if executed properly. So, he after working as the Chief counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources eventually started to recruit professors of good reputation as speakers. Thus, he embarks on a successful journey of establishing a vast business empire.

Vast customer base of the Tom Rollins Company

Even in this age of YouTube and other channels where there is an availability of short courses to learn simple or complex subjects or topics, the offerings of his company are in great demand. The videos, as well as audios, are available under various course categories so that visitors can easily navigate the company website and find the one that they want to learn. Not only there are teaching materials pertaining to arts, science, and other subjects. The price of these course materials range from a few dollars to more than 600 dollars. The secret behind the growth of the company is however continual hiring of the top 1% professors from the top most educational institutions across the world and focusing on innovation. Today, much emphasis is on successful branding and marketing to sustain the competition from other market players in the same segment, but it is not easy to subdue the popularity of company courses that started more than two decades ago.

Although, Tom Rollins is no longer the CEO of the company that he had established and the realms of the company are in other safe hands, the Tom Rollins teaching will never fade away. A testimonial of the same are the countless awards that he had received for his great contribution in making learning easier for students, homemakers and professionals residing in diverse regions of the world.

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