Top Reasons Why Live News Streaming is a Hit this 2018

In the past years, Facebook Live became the newest and hottest thing in the digital marketing. It improved video marketing in a way which thrilled companies searching for new ways to engage and attract users. However, the question that countless people have is why?

Lately, the videohas been a significant player in the marketing world. So why would news streaming make such difference? That’s because news streaming has an immediacy which recorded video cannot match.

The fact that it’s happening “NOW” and many users are engaging with the content in ways which pre-recorded videos feel like it is dated. Look at the top reasons why news streaming is going to be huge and how you can benefit from the growing trend.


If you watch the live news streaming as another crucial tool in your marketing arsenal, you will start to see how wide a network you can cast if you perform a live session.

Email marketing is helpful to keep the target audience primed for your news. It can only reach the folks on your list. Butnews streaming could draw leads, which you have not targeted overlist-building. That’s because word-of-mouth on social media networks could generate interest from people who wouldn’t be reached through the written news.

Msnbc news streaming content is simple to share with users. Further, many reports have discovered that videos are the most shared content today.


You know what people don’t like when they participate with written news? They do not like a long delay before they feel like they have gotten a win.

If you opt for news streaming, you offer users the chance to engage immediately with the content. How? That’s when the user participates in the live stream. They can participate in the continuouscomments of whatever they are watching, so there is instant interaction. Live stream viewers can communicate with other users as well. That can produce debate about the news.


Commonlore about live streaming is that it’s too complicated for the normal person to handle. On the other hand, live news streaming can be deceivingly simple. All you need is a reliable audio and video equipment and an internet connection.


For huge public events like the Oscars, there’s a strong desire to engage with other people who are watching the similar event. Hulkusd news platform makes that very cool and interesting. News updates are interspersed along with user comments in a natural way. Editors and reporterscan respond easily.

For events like the NHL trade deadline, various readers asked particular questions of the columnists and reporters who took part. The good thing is that they got answers within a few minutes. That is something which does not happen with the traditional written news.

So, if you are only looking for a goodnews streaming site that offers the following aspects, Hulkus is the only name to count on.

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