What Governor Chris Christie Had To Say In His Defense?

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is one of the favorites for the upcoming presidential elections in 2016. Even though the election are still 2 years away but almost all of the top contenders have started their preparations for the democratic primary elections. There are reports that Mrs. Clinton has hired the top campaigning agency for the purpose and Joe Biden has also started lobbying for the support from democrats. If everyone is gearing up for the elections then how can we expect Mr. Christie to stay behind in the race.

Earlier this year, Mr. Christie was accused of knowingly causing traffic problems at the George Washington bridge, and this accusation did not helped his cause of being at the top spot amongst the most favorable candidates for the President’s office in the Whitehouse.

Last week Mr. Christie gave an hour long radio interview in which he talked about his future prospects and the accusations leveled against him.

During the interview, Mr. Christie admitted to the fact that he may have known about the traffic problems on the George Washington Bridge but he did not perceived it as something unusual. He said that when he noticed the problem his first thoughts were that these are regular traffic jams and nothing out of the ordinary. He stressed on the fact that he had no knowledge of the actions of his aides who had ordered the lanes to be blocked.

The republican governor also admitted to the fact that this scandal can very well hurt his chances of winning the 2016 presidential elections and he wanted to clear the air as soon as possible.

  • Says he will cooperate with the investigating team

When asked about the ongoing investigations, Mr. Christie acknowledged the fact that his office was visited by law enforcement officials who were investigating the scandal. According to him his office was ready to help the law enforcement officials in any possible way and promised that all related documents will be handed over to the investigating agencies so that he can clear his name at the earliest.

When asked about the allegations leveled against him from a former loyalist he reiterated that he had no knowledge what so ever regarding any of the actions taken by his aides.

According to Mr. Christie, he came to know about the problem when he received an email from the executive director of the port authority of the New York City and New Jersey. According to the email he received, the traffic jams were not the regular ones and political retribution was the reason why commuters were facing these difficulties.

He stated that as soon as he read the email he realized what the actual problem was and he forwarded the email to his top aides ordering them to get the lanes re-opened.

This scandal his resulted in five of his aides losing their jobs and a brewing controversy that can very well engulf his chances of being elected as the president of the United States of America.

He said that the bottom-line is whether I am an honest man or not, take my word and believe that I didn’t knew anything until it was all over.

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