What Makes CY-Kick CS Kill All The Insects Around?

Insects don’t make your life any easier, do they? They grow on your things and spoil them. And what do you do about it? You bring home some ineffective insect repellant that makes things worse and leaves your property in a mess. From your furniture to the garden; these tiny devils colonize almost every single bit that is a part of your belongings. They need to be eradicated, and it is better sooner than later that you go about it.

Well, you don’t have to run around for the best insecticide anymore, for the best is here.

CY-Kick CS – The Ultimate Insecticide

CY-kick CS works well for almost all species of insects – be it carpenter bees, chocolate moths, hornets, cluster flies, wasps, grain weevils, or even ants.

What Makes CY-Kick CS Kill All The Insects Around?

But How Does CY-Kick Work?

It is a liquid with 6% of Cyfluthrin, a compound which is very toxic to insects and pests. 1 pint of CS-Kick can produce 16 gallons (72 liters) of solution. For both indoor and outdoor use, an ounce of CY-Kick can be mixed with a gallon (4.5 lts) of water for a 0.05% spray solution. One can also increase the water ratio. The areas need to be meticulously cleaned and mopped before being sprayed with the solution; watch out for exposed electrical connections and water pipes. Once cleaned, spray the toxic solution onto the infested areas. The Cyfluthrin compound directly affects the central nervous system of the bugs and insects and acts as a deadly poison. The spray creates a thick wall of microcapsules which is nearly impossible for the insects to leap. Be assured, they are not coming back, ever! The treatment can be done once in three days and if you are overly paranoid, you can repeat the spraying once in every three days to areas even though they are not infested, just to shield them against pests.

What Makes CY-Kick CS Kill All The Insects Around?

Surprisingly, CY-Kick CS also works as a Scorpion Repellant . Yes, it does kill scorpions and other equally menacing animals such as spiders with ease. CY-Kick CS’s density is similar to water, thus whirling out an even mixture. The compound Cyfluthrin in CY-kick CS being a Pyrethin, is an environment friendly compound and causes less or no skin irritation; though mild precautionary measures are advised such as wearing boots or a mask. The spray doesn’t leave any residual marks on the areas treated and is completely odorless.

So, throw away that inefficient insecticide and bring home this magic solution today! Sit back and relax while this potent insecticide does the job of keeping your household pest-free for you.

Author Bio:

I “Patricia Carter” am one of the ladies hating pests in houses. Actually I have a huge problem with them since childhood and that is the major reason of my profession in pest control because everyone wants their house pest-free but for me, ‘its the first priority’. My knowledge is for everyone and I love sharing them to all. Apart from these, my favorite pass-time is cooking and reading about how to kill more of the pest safely. Today I am sharing you some benefits and best usage of CY-Kick CS pest control insecticides to get rid of insects in our houses.

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