Working from Home Options During The Pandemic

The COVID pandemic hopefully won’t last forever, but in the meantime it’s a good idea to have some financial backup plans. For millions of adults, those plans include working a part-time job from home. In many cases, these efforts are in addition to regular work, or act as a money bridge between full-time positions.

What are the best types of jobs to search for and take on during the pandemic? Human nature being what it is, hundreds of interesting, money-making opportunities have cropped up during the great global lockdown. Here are a few that can work for just about anyone who has a desire to earn money by putting in about 20 hours, or fewer, per week.

Virtual Assistant

If you know your way around the internet, can do basic research on any number of topics, and have the ability to write in simple English, you can easily find a position as a virtual assistant. You also need to be organized and should decide whether you want to be a freelancer, with multiple clients, or work as a dedicated virtual assistant for just one customer.

Working from Home Options During The Pandemic

Forex Trading

Forex trading has multiple advantages among the opportunities you’ll likely encounter while suffering through lockdown. The main one is that it doesn’t take a long time to get up and running with an account. Plus, learning forex typically takes just a week or two before you’re ready to trade. Unlike trading stocks and bonds, you can get going with buying and selling foreign exchange currency pairs with a minimal investment, often as small as $50.

The key thing to remember is that it pays to start out small and working with a reputable broker is also a key to success in this niche. Your typical day’s work will include chores like answering routine emails, writing website content, perhaps doing a bit of customer service response writing, and conducting core research for your employer. If you are good with finding things via search engines and can hold your own in an email conversation, this job could be a nice source of income until the world returns to normal.

Online Sales

Selling can be a part-time endeavor or a one-shot way to earn cash from all the stuff you have accumulated in your life. For part-timers, a good way to earn regular income is to become a reseller or wholesaler for products like jewelry, art, or craft items.


Online teaching and tutoring sometimes gets a bad rap, but if you know how to approach the field, it can be an excellent source of money and offer a flexible way to work from home for as long as you wish. Many tutors do have trouble getting paid on time, or paid at all, from sites that lure English-speaking teachers with promises of high pay and flexible hours. Instead, choose companies that are large, have good reputations for on-time pay, and preferably are based in your home country. Additionally, avoid signing long-term contracts. Most of the better tutoring and teaching agencies offer month-to-month contracts, if any at all.

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