Your Step-by-Step Guide To Moving House: Packing Made Easy

Moving house is not an easy task – even the most seasoned packer or mover knows this all too well. If you are planning to move and would like to do it with the least amount of hassle, you don’t need to worry – with this step-by-step guide to moving house, your task of packing your belongings will not be insurmountable. In fact, it might even be an eye-opening pleasure!

Your Step-by-Step Guide To Moving House: Packing Made Easy

Step 1: Start Early

If you have a large home with many rooms and items, start as early as you can. For large homes, give it about two months. If you start two months prior to the time of your move, you can pack at least a box per day. If you have a smaller home, start packing about a month from moving day.

Step 2: Start with Items you don’t Regularly Need

You can begin packing those items that you don’t regularly use or need, such as items in the guest room or in your garage. Seasonal goods and equipment should be packed first as well, such as garden equipment, Christmas décor, and winter clothing.

Step 3: Do it Room by Room

Another way to make it easier on yourself is by doing it room by room. This will make you more organised and you won’t end up becoming confused with your various items. When doing this, label each box and write down in which room it should go.

Step 4: Do Some De-cluttering

Whilst packing, you should also set aside items that you no longer need. Assess which items you can give away, sell, or throw away. Get rid of these items as soon as you can.

Step 5: Weigh Each Box

You should also make it a point to weigh each box and make sure that it does not exceed 30 lbs. A box that is too heavy might give you (or your movers, such as the ones from a removal company Cheltenham offers) back strain or even injury. Also, by doing this, your boxes will not be likely to break open.

Step 6: Pack them Well

When packing your boxes, there might be some empty spaces. Make sure to fill these in with newspapers, packing materials, or even towels and sheets so the items will remain secure.

Step 7: Heavy Boxes at the Bottom, Lighter Boxes at the Top

When stacking your boxes, make sure the heavier ones are at the bottom and the lighter ones are at the top. Heavy boxes, such as those with books or furniture, should be loaded first.

Step 8: Don’t forget your essentials

Come moving day, you’ll want certain essentials. This includes towels, toiletries, a change of clothing, water, snacks, pen and paper, and scissors. Pack a box with kitchen essentials as well, such as a pan and plates and cups.

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