3 Places In Bhopal That Will Definitely Crown Your Mind

There are many people who have traveling as their first love. If you are one of such crazy travellers, then you must check out the amazing and jaw dropping spots of Bhopal. Endowed with the title of ‘city of lakes’, it is really worth visiting.

Once you are on the land of Bhopal, you can experience variety in traveling. Not just this, you can also get the best hotel India Bhopal booked for your group of travellers. While you taste the richness of places during the day, you can take rest cosily in these comfortable hotels.

3 Places In Bhopal That Will Definitely Crown Your Mind

A walk through National Museum of Mankind

  • Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man Kind which is also called Tribal Habitat Museum is an enticing spot for tourists. It is situated on Shyamla Hills in premises of the Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya. This popular museum was created in the year 1985 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister at that time.
  • You know this museum is Scattered over an area of around 200 acres of land. This museum is the only museum in the world which has an outstanding gathering of antique painted rock shelters. National Museum of Man Kind is an exhibition of actual size abodes characteristic of contemporary cultures of tribes in different states of India.
  • The exhibitions here cater a full insight into architectural structures of the tribal houses along with decoratively displayed interiors. Moreover, craft and pottery of tribal life are also demonstrated in exhibition. Tourists from different corners visit this museum and cherish the extensiveness of this spot.

Peep into Van Vihar National Park

  • It was formed in the year 1979 in Bhopal. It covers an area of four hundred forty-five point twenty-one hectares. This part fascinates a huge number of tourists and around two point fifty lakhs tourists pay a visit to Van Vihar every single year.
  • You know the main magnetisms of Van Vihar are the White tiger and Albino Sloth bear. Apart from these, the fauna exists there in are Sambhar, Lion, Cheetah, Black buck, Nilgai, Chousingha, Rhesus macaque, Common Langur, Wild-boar, Hare, Blue Bull, Porcupine, Monkey, Wild dogs, Mongoose, Fox, Jackal, Wolf and so on.

Steal some Tranquillity from Taj-ul-Masjid in Bhopal

  • Taj-ul-Masjid is among the biggest and most graceful Mosques in India. The meaning of Taj-ul-Masjid is ‘ The Crown of Mosques’. It is situated on the backdrop of the historical and mesmerising city of Bhopal. It indeed, gives an outstanding view.
  • The formation of this spectacular Mosque witnessed different spans of both active and inactive spans during the reign of the succeeding Begums. In the year 1971 the Taj-ul-Mosque finally erected in all its splendour. Not just Muslims but people belonging to other religions also visit this adored mosque.

Thus, if you have kept yourself aloof from the realm of Bhopal, then it is high time that you experience the diversity of this city. There are no issues related to any accommodations or hotels. You can even get the star hotels in Bhopal as per your taste and pocket.

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