Flowery Valentine’s Day – Going Beyond Rose…Yet

The fact is…flowers are eternal. From ages human beings are giving flowers to each other as gifts. As a Valentine’s Day gift too, flowers have topped the list. However, people usually turn to roses when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift. Nothing expresses love or affection better than flowers. This Valentine’s Day too, you can give flowers to your loved one. However, try to be a little different thing time and dare to thing beyond roses. Given below is a list of flowers that can help you express your feeling in proper language.

Yellow Acacia

acacia flowers

Yellow apart from being a very bright color, it is the color of friendship. This color speaks of love that is laden with the innocence of friendship and commitment. To express the language of your love. You can give this flower to anyone you care for. Add a couple of red roses to make the language clear.



Among Best Valentine’s Day Flowers, Iris could be a great choice. These flowers dazzle with beauty. The bright violet of the petals makes this flower just the right gift to give your loved one. If you are planning to surprise her, this is the flower to give. Don’t give Iris a miss in that case.



Sunflowers can be one of the Top Picked Flowers for valentine day too. This flower symbolizes a lot of things including loyalty, adoration and love. The bright color of the flower makes it a great gift does not matter who you are giving this flower to. It could be your girlfriend. It could be your wife too. It does not matter whether you are expressing your feeling to a new lover or rekindling your love for your spouse, sunflower would the right choice. This can be a great pick if you are searching for Valentine’s Day flowers to Pune.



If beautiful flower is what you are looking for, just Google the name Azalea and take a look at the flower. You will surely want to add to your gift list. This flower is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers. In case this is a new relationship which is about to grow, this is the right flower to choose. Like every flower Azalea also symbolizes something. This is a feminine flower. So, if you are picking flower for her, this is the one to pick. Go ahead make her smile with this beautiful flower.


roses for love

Of course, rose is the flower which completes the language of love. If you are trying to convey your feeling, this is the flower to pick. However, don’t just stick to red roses. Thought they are beautiful and crimson is the color of love, it would be unfair to other roses. To express the tender love, you can opt for pink roses. From the beginning of time, pink has been the color of tender love. Why deprive this color on the day of love and affection. A bouquet of pink roses would convey the message of heart and assort the Essence of various Flowers on Valentine’s Day in just one bouquet.

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