4 Tips For Beginners In Travel Photography

Almost everyone who travels loves clicking photos. In fact, most avid photographers love traveling because it gives them opportunities for terrific photos. The travel bug often inevitably leads to the photography bug in a lot of people. They love capturing what they see in their camera initially, then transition to clicking better snaps and finally upgrade to full fledged photographers.

This post is for people who fall in the 2nd category out of the 3 i.e. people who are beginners and want to pursue photography either as a hobby or a full time profession. While the latter is a cut-throat competitive market, the former is a great stress buster. The increasing popularity of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is further fueling people’s desire to click better photos and display them.

Here are 4 tips for beginners who want to get into the field of photography:

Don’t Buy Expensive Equipment

Expensive cameras, lenses, tripods and stands make you feel like a photographer all right, but they don’t make you one. Instead of focusing on angles and making your photograph narrate a story, you waste time in checking the settings and options. Take more photos with basic equipment for starters. Build a photograph in your mind and click it. You can click amazing photos with inexpensive cameras also. And with time, you will know your style and the exact equipment to upgrade to.

4 Tips For Beginners In Travel Photography

Read to Learn

The best way to learn photography apart from practical experience is to read about it. And today, the number of websites that offer tips and techniques about photography are vast. Start with reading a good book that offers insights on the basics of photo ops, equipment and execution. Keep reading online to find new techniques that you had never thought of and see images that will give you better ideas on what photos you want to click.

Learn the Basics

Whether blogging, driving, playing a music instrument or doing anything new in life, you have to start with the basics. This is also why we suggest that you don’t start with expensive equipment. Get your hands dirty on the ground if you want to make it big, or simply be awesome at what you do. Zero down on one task and keep following up until you have mastered it. Then move on to the next. So ensure that you learn the basics before you move on to the higher aspects of photography.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Experiment with your camera’s settings. Experiment with the location. Experiment with the use of a tripod. When you use a digital camera, the cost of errors is zero. So explore the vast arrays of photography and find that optimal setting which makes you stand out. And trust me, you need to stand out because of the number of people in this field vying for viewers’ attention.

When you are a beginner, the ability to learn is more. With time, your mind becomes rigid and you become more averse to learning. So make the most of now. Travel a lot and keep your camera handy all the time. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, make notes on your phone or in your diary and keep learning. Apart from becoming a better photographer, you will also become a better and more mature person since you will have spent a lot of time traveling and exploring. All the best.

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