5 Reasons Why Bangladesh Medical College Is A Preferred Choice For Indian Students

Summary: Students who think about making their career in medical industry can consider Bangladesh as a decent option to complete the course as it gradually become the best option for pursuing the degree. Bangladesh medical college can provide them the same opportunities to become a doctor in near future as well. So, start preparing as soon as possible to get a better chance to get admitted in colleges available in that country.

MBBS in Bangladesh is a functional and monetary choice. Going to Bangladesh is thought to be a decent choice for the students looking for pursuing degree in medication. Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are attached to hospitals with great staff and facilities.

5 Reasons Why Bangladesh Medical College Is A Preferred Choice For Indian Students

There are various reasons for what these colleges become the most popular. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Entrance Examination Only for Locals – A common entrance examination is conducted at the national level to concede students in government medical colleges. In any case, the private medical colleges in Bangladesh conduct their own entrance exam to choose students into their colleges to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Abroad Students – Foreign or Overseas like Indian students are qualified to apply and even practice after completion of MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Length of Course – The span of the medical project (MBBS) is 5 years covering the pre-clinical stage and the clinical stage. Medium of instruction is English. The academic year begins from January.
  • Acknowledgment and Accreditation – All the well-known and famous medical colleges in Bangladesh are perceived by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and have the authorization from the compulsory recognizing organizations of the world.
  • Teaching Hours – The quantity of-hours of teaching will be about 2000 to 2250 hours every year. The educating, theoretical and practical are conducted in classrooms, assembly halls, dissection rooms, research center and doctor’s facilities.
  • Qualification Criteria – The qualification for admittance in Medical Colleges to learning MBBS is accomplishment of secondary exam with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as the mainstream subjects.
  • Medical Program Based On – The system is group based family medication covering the educational modules from 25 to 50 percent. The project depends on lectures, critical thinking and case-based. The remaining 75 to 50 percent of educational programs technique for teaching is student-activating learning and teaching premise.
  • Time Consumed on Genuine Patients – Total time spent on medical studies will be 3 years with around 150 weeks and the percentage is 50 to 74.
  • Applicants From India – many students from India, who have not made it in the entry examination in India, would find pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh as a decent choice.
  • No Entrance for Global Students –International or outside like Indian students looking for joining MBBS need not compete any selection tests. The abroad students are chosen by the marks got in 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • North and East States are close to Bangladesh – For the students of India, there is an opportunity to consider Bangladesh, as a prudent alternative. The students from these states find Bangladesh ever closer and flexible to their way of life. Henceforth, this reason turns into a strong point, empowering the students go for Medical training for the selection.
  • Modification on Medical Colleges in Bangladesh – Bangladesh Medical College will be upgrading information for the students about the medical colleges and standards to go to Bangladesh over the span of time. They have now upgraded information about the names of the colleges for the students interested to contact the colleges.

Medical Study in Bangladesh like Medical Study in India as for the Syllabus, Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases, Society, Food propensities, Language and many more, but the top 5most important reasons are:

  1. BANGLADESH IS DRY COUNTRY: Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal. So it appears as the safest place for students studying outside nation.
  2. LANGUAGES: The medium of teaching is English, which is easyto understand.
  3. FOOD: Tastes and preparation of foods are as same as India. The eateries those we find in different countries have different cooking styles and tastes.
  4. COST: Any other medical college would be costlier than Bangladesh Medical College in terms of charges and hotel cost and for all that other requirements, given the fact that the way of living significantly as same as India.
  5. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF MBBS DEGREE: As we found in MCI Website over that the accreditation that Bangladesh Medicinal College gets in the majority of the Western nations are superior to the many countries since the British ruled for over 200 years. These also proved that Medicinal study in Bangladesh is the Best alternative for Indian students.

All these above said reasons can effectively prove that Bangladesh gradually became the best choice and preferred location for Indian students who cannot make their way to get admitted in Indian medical colleges due to their academic results and other issues. With the invention in technology and up gradation in teaching methods, Bangladesh really become the most preferred choice for the students who want to be successful doctors in near future. If you are also think about studying medical in Bangladesh then make a list of colleges and initiate the process of get admittance in Bangladesh Medical College.

About Author:The author of this blog is a professional career counselor, who is in writing since the day he started his career. Here in this blog he discusses the reasons for what Bangladesh Medical College is gradually becoming the best choices for Indian students to get admittance and pursued the degree in medical science as well.

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