How To Deal With Your Bushy Eyebrow And Ear Hair

Bushy eyebrows and ear brows are known to be both a blessing as well as a curse. They are loved by women but when it comes to men, maintaining them in order to carry the right look can prove to be a bit challenging. So keeping in view the issue of how to deal with your bushy eyebrows and ear brows, we have devised a few helpful details that might allow you to maintain them the right way. Some of these are discussed below.

How To Deal With Your Bushy Eyebrow And Ear Hair

Abstain from Any Hard Stuff and Stick with Trimming or Tweezing

It is strongly recommended not to touch your eyebrows or ear brows with a razor, beard trimmer or wax, regardless of whatever benefit you plan on getting from the venture. If you do so, your brows might look a lot manicured. The right solution here is to make use of a tweezers and remove the stray hair present at the bottom as well as on the sides in order to get a neater and cleaner look. You are not supposed to have a perfect straight line up your brows so only pluck the real troublemakers from the top. Trimming them down after every once in a while may also prove to be handy. Make use of a comb and brush the hair upwards. Then all you need is to trim back the hairs that have risen above your eyebrow line. You can do that using grooming scissors.

Use Trimming Products without Shine

Even when you are done trimming your eyebrows and eye brows for stray hairs, bushy brows may still look to be a little out there. So it is important to make use of the right kind of product like a styling paste or a grooming cream even though you have used the best eyebrow hair trimmer. You can look for something having a matte finish in your cabinet while making use of a small quantity of lip balm can also do the magic for you.

Make sure to Carry the Right Wildman Ratio

In case you have got pushy eyebrows and ear brows, you need to be very careful while dealing with the Groucho Marx effect. In other words, you need to consider a lot before you plan on getting a moustache or a beard of any kind as they might not look that cool for guys having dominating eye brows.

A few other tips on what seems to be the best strategy when you have pushy eye brows and ear brows are discussed below for your convenience.

First of all, you need to have a good feeling about your bushy eye brows as they are there to balance out on some other facial feature of yours. So it is important that you take extreme care while trimming your brows in order to keep from bringing certain face features of yours out of proportion.

While trimming or tweezing your bushy eye brows, it is highly recommended not to cut a lot of your hair as you might look a bit feminine in neater eye brows. The rule of thumb is to never make your brows look too thin in comparison to your overall face.

In case you are not sure about how to get the right fix for your bushy eyebrows when you are wealthy, the best and safest thing to avoid any mishaps is to make an appointment with a professional salon. That way, you would never have to go through the frustration of having trimmed some extra amount of hairs as the salon people would do just the right job for you.

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