7 Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo – No Miracle

Vitiligo is the most distressing skin condition. It isn’t caused by any germs. Major reasons behind Vitiligo includes hereditary factors, autoimmune disorder, nervous secretions, accumulation of toxic radicals, nutritional deficiencies and external triggers like sunburn, injury to skin, physical illness and mental distress. However Vitiligo isn’t precancerous and contagious and it doesn’t spread by food or physical contact, food or otherwise.

7 Natural Home Remedies For Vitiligo - No Miracle

7 Natural treatments for Vitiligo

1.    Avoid stress:

Stress emotional or physical is the prime cause of genealogical disturbances that leads to growth of vitiligo. Indulge in creative hobbies and life style changes like yoga, meditation and relaxing exercises to avoid emotional stress.

2.    Psoralea seeds:

Psoralea seeds saturated in ginger juice or tamarind seeds for 3 days are the best remedy. Psoralea seeds basically recover the sun tanning effect and restore skin color. After soaking for 3 days, rub these seeds to remove their shell and dry them in shade before grounding them. Take 1 g of this powder daily with fresh milk for at least 40 days without gap. Also apply the ground seeds on affected areas.

3.    Radish Seeds:

Soak 40 g of finely crushed radish seeds overnight in a little quantity of vinegar to make a paste form and apply it on white patches. Leave it to dry for 2 hours or till it dries to come out as scales. Add a little white arsenic to soak overnight in this paste for better results.

4.    Basil leaves with lime juice:

Basil leaves with their anti-aging and vital anti-viral properties are beneficial for skin. Basil leaves paste with lime juice can promote the production of melanin and it is perfect treatment for vitiligo. For best results apply the basil leaves extract mixed with lime juice thrice a day for 6 months or ask “David Paltraw” the expert of Vitiligo Miracle.

5.    Red clay

Red clay is found in river beds. It is rich in copper that helps in re-pigmentation of skin. Mix clay in ginger juice and apply it over the white patches once every day.

6.    Copper treated water:

Drink water kept overnight in copper jar helps promote melanin production and is effectively tone the vitiligo effected skin.

7.    Turmeric:

Turmeric and mustard oil mixture is beneficial for vitiligo. Take 500 g of turmeric hammered and soaked in 8 liters water for a night and then boil it in the morning until it reduces to 1/8th of original volume. Strain it and mixed with 500 g of mustard oil. Heat it until only oil remain. Apply this on white spots each morning and evening to treat vitiligo.

Warning: Any treatment must be tested on small skin patches for possible infection or skin allergies.

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