8 Essential Facts About Sewing Machines

It is hard to talk about our day to day lives without mentioning sewing machines either directly or indirectly. The clothes we wear cannot be available without sewing machines and neither will find things such as blankets and bags where these machines are involved. As such, these machines are part and parcel of our lives right from morning to the next morning. While this is something you may not have thought in the past, there are a few facts about sewing machines you should know considering that they impact on your life greatly.

8 Essential Facts About Sewing Machines

Important Facts About Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines Date Back To Thousands of Years

According to experts, the first sewing machine was invented more than 25,000 years ago. Although these machines were not like the ones we see today, they still served the purpose then and a lot of changes have taken place ever since. The machines used needles made from bones and these did not have needle eyes. Instead, the thread would be attached on a notch.

The Inventor Is Not Clearly Known

Although it is know that Thomas Saint was the first one to patent the sewing machine in 1790, no one precisely knows the original inventor of these essential machines. Thomas Saint must have learnt by observing older models considering his was designed for canvas and leather projects.

Sewing Machines Made Sewing Easier and Faster

Before the machines were invented, a designer would take approximately 14 hours to sew a shirt. However, it not takes a few minutes to accomplish the task and this means that time is drastically reduced when doing a project.

Sewing Machines Impact Almost All Industries

No industry hasn’t be touched by this powerful invention. Right from agriculture to tourism and beauty, everything bears the marks of sewing machines in one way or the other. Sewing machines have made work easier and this means more production which in return places a huge demand on cotton production.

Singer at One Point Stopped Manufacturing Sewing Machines

Singer is one of the oldest and leading sewing machine makers. However, during the World War II, the company stopped its production to manufacture weapons for the government. These weapons were used to fight overseas.

There Are Dozens of Machine Brands Today

What began as a small number of sewing machines brand has tremendously grown today and we have more than 55 major brands. This has seen the technology used grow to give us the sophisticated sewing machines we have today. Out of these, you can get machines designed for varying stitching patterns for different functions including leatherworking and quilting.

The First Electric Machine Was Introduced In the Early 1900s

Sewing was done using manual machines for decades until the first electric sewing machine was introduced in early 1900s. in the initial stages, electric sewing machines were lined up in a row and a number of them were powered using single motor. However, this was developed further to a point where each machine was equipped with its own motor.

People Still Use Pedal, Manual Sewing Machines

Although automatic, electric sewing machines have grown in popularity, many people still depend on pedal sewing machines for both industrial and household sewing. Companies are still manufacturing these machines and you can find them especially in places without power connection. In fact, most of them are great souvenirs.

These are just some of the most interesting facts about sewing machines and no matter where you turn, you will always see something that has passed through these great inventions.

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