All About The Types Of Keyboard

Generally, we all know about the computer keyboards.  Now a day, even small kids have knowledge about all the important parts of the computer. The keyboard is basically a structure like a typewriter consisting arrangement of buttons and act as a mechanical switch. Or in simple words you can also take it as an input device for the computer. It contains small characters called keys or buttons, and to the each button pressing computer receives a signal and respond to the correspond character. In a keyboard some keys represent the alphabet, some are digits and signs and also some keys respond to an action or execution.

Although, the development of other input devices like mouse, pen devices, touch screen, voice recognition and character recognition but the keyboard is the most widely used input devices as we can use it directly and can compute alphanumeric data easily to the computer.

All About The Types Of Keyboard

Here are the types of keyboards:

  • Standard: These keyboards have keys of size 0.750 inches, 19.05 mm and have a key at least 3.81 mm. Desktop computers having keyboards like 104 windows keyboards, 101 US traditional keyboards. These include numbers, alphabetic characters, punctuation and other function keys. The keyboards of type 102 and 104 key have left shift key, some special symbol keys to its right.  The enter key is also designed in a unique structure.  These keyboards are quite similar to the electric typewriters. TVS Gold keyboards are standard sized keyboards.
  • Laptop Sized Keyboards: The keyboards we use with notebooks and laptops have short keystroke travel distance. Also have less number of keys than standard keyboards. They may not have numerical keys and the function keys are replaced to somewhere else, completely different from standard keyboards.
  • Flexible Keyboards: Flexible keyboards are placed between standard and laptop keyboards. These are quite flexible and allow the user to roll up keyboard for transfer and storage. Mostly the flexible keyboards are made up from silicon. Because of a silicon structure they are dust and water proof. If you want to connect flexible keyboard to your computer, you simply need a USB and operating system like Window 2000.
  • Handheld, Thumb sized and Multifunctional Keyboards: Handheld keyboards are designed like a game controller to be held in hand. These keyboards consist all the numeric keys and other symbols. Thumb keyboards are used for some personal assistance like Blackberry and Palm Treo. These often used for data entry purpose. The multi-functional keyboards are providing extra feature as compared to standard keyboards. These are used to configure multiple computers or at some special workstations to handle multiple functioning. These keyboards are quite complex that’s why used in high performance workplaces for traders and to control operating systems like security, management of air traffic, industry, etc.

The above are main types of keyboard. Generally, we use standard sized keyboards for our daily work routine. Because they fulfill all the required needs to operate the computer system. If you are looking for a new standard keyboard for your system you can visit TVS gold keyboards for better experience.

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