Adorn Wedding Celebrations With These Perfect Wedding Flowers

When it’s a wedding day, it must be a special event in one’s life. And to add beautiful memories to the day, wedding flowers are a must. Without them, any wedding celebration seems incomplete. Flowers signify beauty, vibrancy, love, purity and fragrance. For weddings in the effervescent city of Lucknow, one must choose an online florist in Lucknow for the best wedding venue decorations for the D day in one’s life. And it’s so because a wedding florist can only create a heartwarming ambiance for the guests and enchant the to-be-wedded couple.

Adorn Wedding Celebrations With These Perfect Wedding Flowers

Hence, it becomes imperative to make a careful choice of the blossoms and for that, an expert florist must be hired for this unique occasion.

Here are a few pointers that must be kept in mind while choosing wedding venue decorations:

  • It is a day when life takes a beautiful new turn, hence, the choice of flowers must be such that it matches with one’s taste and personality. Ask your florist to choose the wedding flowers as per your selection in terms of colors, types, fragrance and sizes.
  • An expert florist will make sure that flowers match with the theme of wedding. Be it a temple wedding, a church wedding or a lavish farm-house wedding, the florist must make decorations which are not too loud and which at the same time, do not go unnoticed. They must add that right amount of effervescence to the venue, by bringing in the colors of nature.
  • Take ideas and inspiration from friends and family who have been married and know the best suited wedding flower decorations as per the season and cost. But do not make a decision solely on their ideas, make sure you build your own choice.
  • Be wise and budget friendly. Choosing expensive and off-season flowers will not only burn holes in your pocket, but the flowers will also not last for the entire event and will wither soon. Consult your florist to suggest the seasonal flowers.
  • Choose the flowers as per the day, and time of the wedding. Bright yellow marigolds will look too odd on a bright sunny summer afternoon, only subtle looking pastel roses or pink carnations will adorn the venue perfectly. On a winter afternoon, vibrant bright colored gerberas or roses will do the trick. Keep in mind the season and the sun.
  • Get a special bouquet made for the couple. Choose the best florist for online flower delivery of the couple’s favorite flowers on their wedding day. This is sure to make the day super special for the couple.

Now let us have a look at the array of wedding flowers that you can choose from:

Calla Lilies – Available throughout the year and a delight in every way, Calla lilies brighten up any occasion Though they are a little fragile and need good handling, they are worth all the effort. Ask you florist to make a suitable choice of Lillies.

Casablanca Lilies – These large blossoms give out mesmerizing fragrance that could bind your wedding guests. They too are available throughout the year and less fragile than their Calla cousins, hence a good choice.

Marigold – For Indian wedding decorations, this is an unavoidable flower . Yellow and Orange Marigold flowers give a beautiful and traditional Indian wedding ambiance to the venue, and they are considered auspicious too.

Jasmine – If you are planning a South Indian wedding ambiance, the use of white Jasmine is quite traditional yet classy. These flowers signify beauty, purity and serenity of a bond.

Rose – Symbol of pure love, this is also one flower that you must use in the wedding ambiance as it provides a vibrant touch and sweet aroma to the wedding venue. Hence, it is classy and evergreen flower for wedding decorations.

Gardenias – Extremely easy to handle wedding flowers, hence Gardenias are widely used. They give out a rich scent and are a little expensive, so they can be used strategically at special places in the venue. Gardenias display vibrancy and happiness of an occasion, and are known to bring good luck.

Orchids – They are a florist’s delight simply because they are easy to handle, resistant to heat and moisture, and are available in so many colors. They are the perfect flowers for summer weddings. Orchids are often used for exotic decorations.

Lily of the Valley – These are available for a very short duration, around summer. They are one of the most fragile flowers and are sensitive to heat and dehydration. Using them in arrangements is a good idea as they bring beauty and charm to any decoration.

With all this information handy, the wedding planners and brides-to-be should be all set to get your florist in action.

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