Amazing Things To Do In Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the most popular destinations in the U.S. for its spectacular ocean views and colorful boardwalks. The city sits on the coast and is a common place to vacation for those who are looking to have an escape in a beautiful setting. If you’re looking to spend time in the city, there are a few activities to include in your itinerary to have a memorable stay.

Visit Santa Cruz Wharf

The Santa Cruz Wharf is worth a visit due to the beautiful views of the ocean at a wharf that is 100 years old. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants that sit on the water or even grab a gift at a boutique. You may be able to spot sea lions that are present. The downtown area of Santa Cruz is also in walking distance of the wharf, making it a great place to explore and do a bit of thrift store shopping while immersing yourself in the laidback culture of the local area. Not only is the Wharf close to the downtown area, but it’s easy to walk to from most hotels in Santa Cruz CA.

Explore Big Basin State Park

Basin State Park is one of the highlights of Santa Cruz where locals come to explore the great outdoors. You can hike among the redwoods and cool off near the year-round waterfalls when you want to spend the day surrounded by the natural beauty of the wooded area. It’s also a great place to explore nearby canyons or go birdwatching.

The Crepe Place

If you want to be transported to France without having to leave Santa Cruz, visit The Crepe Place where you can order authentic French cuisine in a romantic setting. You can also enjoy live entertainment at the establishment, which includes comedy shows, movie screenings, and concerts as you dine at the eatery.

Take a Train Ride

Visit the Roaring Camp Railroads to take a train ride and learn more about the historic locomotives that are present at the Roaring Camp Railroads. The trains were first built in the 19th century and can take you to Bear Mountain close to the San Lorenzo River Gorge before reaching Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Both children and adults can enjoy a unique experience that offers a tour of the local area before dropping everyone off at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Explore the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is famous for the rides that are available, which includes Ferris wheels and the Giant Dipper. The amusement park first opened its doors in 1907 and continues to attract the crowds, especially during the summer months. The boardwalk offers views of the Monterey Bay, making it easy to cool off while riding the different attractions on the water. Here, you’ll also find plenty of fair food to snack on, which includes hot dogs, salt water taffy, and cotton candy.

Santa Cruz is a fun and exciting place to explore due to the number of attractions that are available locally. Whether you prefer to hike in the great outdoors or shop at eclectic boutiques, it’s easy to stay busy and get the most out of your stay in the city.

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