How Tech is Helping Fight Addictions

Advancements in technology are leaving its footprints in virtually every area of society, business, medicine, health and a host of areas around the globe today. The changes that technology is making has been very beneficial and advantageous to people in every sector. Specifically, when it comes to considering how technology is helping to fight addictions. To that end, here are 3 innovations in technology that’s helping to make people an overcomer.

Apps for Addiction Recovery

Not all substance abuse centers are the same since some are classed as inpatient rehab centers and others grouped as outpatient rehab facilities. Because each patient usually has the option to make their choice between the two, it is important that they can understand the differences as they make their choices. Though some people may prefer the inpatient rehab center as their first option, it does not really negate the fact that an outpatient rehab facility may be just as effective. Of course, the new additions of the latest technologies may add to viable solutions because of the need. For instance, if the patient chooses to do so, they can take the necessary actions through a step by step rehab process. One of which is designed in software form when people are using their app. This is because the app has been approved by the FDA, and it helps to guide patients through their recovery.

Telemedicine Advancing in Addiction Treatment Practices and outpatient facilities Care

Prior to the advent of the Internet and its access, patients could only obtain the treatment that they needed by visiting the facility regularly in person. These face to face care solutions were not only expensive but also often difficult to make it to physically, based on a number of different situations and circumstances. Today, with an increase in telemedicine, patients can receive the treatment that they need remotely, from any place that they desire. This is especially a godsend in situations where the individual could live many miles away in a rural community. Though this treatment is not recommended on its a solo solution, it can be very effective and useful when it is combined with inpatient and/ or outpatient facilities care. It is also important to note that the treatment can be very beneficial to all involved because everyone can stay connected via text messaging, apps, video chat, phone calls and the like.

Overcoming Addictions with the Use of Virtual Reality Techniques and Strategies

Virtual reality is currently being used in so many different situations, settings and for a wide variety of purposes and circumstances. In fact, the sky appears to be the limit since it is not confined to only one sector of a business or anyone’s personal lives. This is because the techniques and strategies that can be created through a virtual reality world can be just what is needed to help patients to overcome addictions. For instance, to make sure that a patient can respond correctly in an unsafe tempting environment, the setting can be set up virtually in advance so that each individual can identify their own personal triggers.

While some people may identify their triggers in social settings like parties with their peers, others may find that an intimate setting with a friend is what causes them to want to fall off the wagon. In either event, scientists and researchers are seeking to use these VR technologies as constructively as they can.

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