Ancient Rome Tour Guide

Rome- the eternal city! A focal point of an empire that ruled the world saw changing times, burnt, rose and reigned time and again in the history of the world; Rome is magnificently enticing. Captivating, charming and bewitching, its opulence can be still admired through its more or less intact monuments, landmarks and places that speak about the bygone era! To explore its plethora of attractions, there are plenty of Rome tours that can opt for a well-informed, guided experience!

Here’s the only Ancient Rome guide you’ll need before planning a trip to this ageless city in Italy.

Start your visit with Colosseum. This ancient amphitheatre that was the playground of gladiators has a seating capacity of 50,000 and exhibits a mind-blowing architecture & a fascinating history. Dating back to 72 AD, this is the largest amphitheatre in the world and is considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. The best way to visit the place is to book any of the best tours in Rome that will help you skip-the-line (which is really long) at the Colosseum and will also provide you with a deeper insight of the place in your preferred language.

Ancient Rome Tour Guide

In the entry ticket to the Colosseum, your visit to Roman Forum is also covered. Just across the street from Colosseum is this ancient attraction in Rome which was the market place for Romans for centuries. Venue for anything and everything important, in Roman forum you can find statues of ancient men, Shrines, arches and temples that are worth a visit.

When you are visiting Colosseum and the Roman Forum, you will pass by a huge empty space levelled pretty much like a stadium. This is the site of Circus Maximus, a venue for public entertainment and chariot races.

When in Rome, visit the Roman Baths! The Baths of Carcalla are the largest roman baths built around 212 AD and where fully operational till the 6th century. Complex structure that offers a striking display of ancient architecture, these public baths are a popular tourist attraction of Ancient Rome today.

Ancient Rome Tour Guide

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! And this is why, there is no dearth of ancient attractions in Rome that were built by different rulers, in different centuries and present a totally different style of construction and design.

Palatine hill and Capitoline hill are the other attractions of Rome that display such fantastic ruins of the kingdom’s past. Palatine hill, overlooking the Circus Maximus is considered to be habited by humans since 44 BC! Capitoline Hill is another of the seven hills that surround Rome and visit it for its eclectic palace ruins and a piazza later refurbished by none other than Michelangelo.

Piazaa Navona is another gem in the city of Rome that you should totally add to your Rome tour. Dating back to 1st century AD, this was originally the site for an open stadium for public games. Today, it is a great spot for people watching!

Ancient Rome Tour Guide

Another must visit attraction of Rome is Ostia Antica. Slightly away from the city centre, it is probably the first thing you see when you land on the Roman Airport. Known for its frescoes, ancient buildings and mosaics, this is one of the largest archaeological sites in Rome. Dating back to 4th century BC, this is believed to be the first-ever colonia of Rome.

Visit Rome and treat yourself with a peek into the past! Book the best tours online for an insightful experience that you will cherish forever!

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