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While we all know it’s possible to buy just about anything online these days, when it comes to business, the personal touch still counts for a lot. Indeed, when it comes to major decisions that could affect the future of your business, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Lead Auditor Training

You’re probably aware of the use of International Standards to help build successful organisations, and no doubt, you’ve seen ISO management system ‘packages’ for sale online. But my advice would be: don’t go there!

Every business is different, and management systems have many variables, so how can you possibly hope to find the right solution by purchasing an off the shelf package?

Without a doubt, if you want to implement a successful management system, that could lead to all the benefits of ISO accreditation, you need to begin with a face-to-face with a Management System Consultant.

Choosing A Management System Consultant

And not just any Management System Consultant, either! Just because someone has the title ‘consultant’, it doesn’t mean they are the best choice for your particular task.

There are a few general guidelines when choosing a Management System Consultant. Most importantly, look for one that is properly accredited to a Standards body, such as Exemplar Global, to ensure everything you achieve through the consultancy is recognised worldwide.

Equally importantly, look for an organisation that offers qualified consultants, with experience across all major industries.

The ideal scenario is to choose consultants who are happy to sit down with you, find out all about your organisation, and your goals, and then work with you to implement the best management system, and train your staff.

Internal and Third Party Auditing

Very often you will find that such an organisation is also an Auditor Training Centre, as the two are very closely linked. ISO accreditation involves both internal and third party auditing.

You may well be advised to put key staff through Internal Auditing and Lead Auditor Training Courses.

ISO Lead Auditor Training Centre is a specialised area, which begins with an intense five-day training course, covering everything from auditing techniques to legal and ethical implications and communication skills.

Quality Management Essential in Global Market

The most popular and widely used International Standard is ISO 9001 Quality Management. This very important management system and accreditation not only improves how you do business, but should also lead to more satisfied customers, increased business, improved reputation (with the ISO 9001 accreditation on all your branding), financial savings, and much more.

As our huge global market grows increasingly competitive, you will discover that properly implemented ISO certification will give you the edge over your competitors. Note I said, PROPERLY implemented! And a mail order training course just isn’t going to cut it!

ISO management system implementation and accreditation is not easy, and it takes time and commitment. If it was available to just anyone, there really wouldn’t be any point, would there?

Management Commitment

International Standards are regularly reviewed and revised every few years and, through the changes implemented in 2015, we are seeing a far greater emphasis on management commitment.

Strangely enough, it is often easier to involve and motivate employees to buy into an idea, than management. But without proper leadership, ISO just doesn’t work effectively. Especially when dealing with ISO 9001 Quality Management.

Management might feel they are too busy, or they may not be suitably trained or qualified to be leaders. They may even think quality management isn’t that crucial, as the organisation has quality control in place.

Save Money and Boost Profits

But while quality control is great, and sees customers having faulty goods replaced or refunded, the money has already been spent producing those goods. Far better, don’t you think, to avoid manufacturing faulty products in the first place!

Another key advantage of implementing International Standards is that it helps an organisation meet all its customer, supplier and legal requirements, which again saves money and increases profit.

Ensuring those within your organisation have the right knowledge and training is essential, and that isn’t something an online package can deliver. How could it? Unless a quality management consultant sits down with you and your management team, how can they possibly understand what you need?

Motivating Your Team

What’s more, this process cannot happen overnight. There are steps and procedures to follow, and internal and third party auditing to organise. And that requires the personal touch.

Research shows that generally, when an employee is unmotivated, it’s because they don’t have the right knowledge or training – and therefore feel out of their depth – or they don’t feel they are being appreciated or rewarded. Part of an ISO management system is ensuring your employees are on the same page, and understand the importance of their role. Professional trainer management consultants, such as SC Training Centre in Brisbane, will work with your team to ensure they are on-board.

Auditing is a very important part of the ISO system, which is why consultants who also offer ISO Lead Auditor Training are such a wise choice. If they train auditors, they certainly understand what you need to do to ensure successful auditing and, as a result, ISO certification.

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