Benefits Of Cosmetic Fillings

Anytime the Surrey dentist finds a cavity or cavities during your checkup it’s never good news just the idea of a noticeable dark filling can be upsetting. However before you worry too much you should be aware that there is another kind of filling, a cosmetic filling available to use for fixing cavities. When you see the benefits of a cosmetic filling you just might be excited to see how great your smile can be.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Fillings

The first benefit of a cosmetic filling is they’re totally natural looking, made of a composite and synthetic resin material. This allows the color to be matched to your surrounding tooth tissue and the result is a tooth that will continue to look natural without the darkness associated with metal fillings. That means it will be virtually undetectable which will allow you to forget you have a cavity leaving you feeling positive about the future of your dental hygiene.

With cosmetic fillings the second benefit they offer is that they are safe for almost everyone that might want this option. Metal fillings contain a variety of metals including mercury which has been surrounded by a lot of controversy lately. In addition amalgam fillings are considered especially unsafe for pregnant women and unsuitable for those individuals allergic to metals. The good news is with the option to have the composite cosmetic fillings offered by your dentist it gives patients a great reason to smile.

Last but certainly not the least of the benefits of cosmetic fillings is how good they look and how great they feel. If you’ve ever places a spoon that’s been sitting in a hot cup of coffee or steaming bowl of soup you quickly become aware that a metal filling conducts heat. The reverse is true anytime your spoon sits in your ice cream sundae or you drink something really cold those amalgam fillings conduct cold too!  Those metal fillings make consuming hot or cold food or drinks uncomfortable, with the composite cosmetic fillings that don’t conduct heat or cold you’ll never have these issues. We all like to look our best if we’re perfectly honest and when you choose composite cosmetic fillings you can always be confident your smile looks great.

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