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Procrastination, apathy, willpower – these all contribute to what many of us have done at least once in our lives: putting off that diet. Yes, it’s the scale of the commitment that scares many of us the most, which is why few folks truly see a diet through to its conclusion. It also doesn’t help that there are any number of fad diets and dubious weight-loss schemes out there. The trick is utilizing what’s around to help commit to a strict weight loss regimen. And in today’s modern world, the most ubiquitous piece of technology that can help in this regard is the smartphone.


Focusing for the moment on iPhone users, here are four of the best weight-loss and diet apps currently in the App Store.




This app has been on the digital shelves for some time, and it keeps going strong for one simple reason: it’s effective. As a calorie counter, MyFitnessPal works because of its extensive database (some 3,000,000 foods are on hand) and ease of use. Dieters can use the streamlined interface to enter their meals quickly, plus the system remembers their history. It even contains a social element that allows users to track their progress along with their friends.


Lose It!free


This is a calorie counter much like MyFitnessPal, but those who pay for the premium version of Lose It! get a ton more features. For example, the app fully customizes the program to the user’s experience, offering a journal, a step counter and even a daily tracker, which gives the user an overview of how his or her day is playing out regarding their diet plans.




Clichés aside, folks really seem to respond to Lifesum’s interface. It’s unique in that the calorie counter displays info in a circular graphic that does away with listing saved calories. This helps curb binging down the road. Like Lose It!, those who opt for the premium package will get a host of advanced features, like the ability to link up with other weight-loss apps, such as RunKeeper, in order to help battle weight gain on multiple fronts.




Livestrong may have suffered its founder’s ignominious shenanigans alongside him, but it never lost its integrity. Case in point: the organization is still striving day in and day out to do good in the world of medicine and fitness. This is one of their mobile apps, and it is more than a mere food log and calorie counter. MyPlate uses the iPhone’s motion sensor (minimal drain on 5s or later) to track activity as well. Simply fire up the app and it will track calories burned all on its own. The data is then stored for future use. It also comes with a pretty extensive catalog of foods in its database.


Diet apps are just as popular as diet books, which means iPhone owners can expect no shortage of new releases in the near future. However, the above-listed options should prove useful, regardless of new releases, for years to come.


Ashley Freeman is a professional blogger that shares motivational tips and advice for health and nutrition. She writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness facility with affordable month to month memberships.


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