Canada Adopts Lottery System For Reuniting Immigrants With Their Parents and Grandparents

Recently, Canada was seen adopting a lottery system to replace the current first-come, first-served immigration process in order to reunite the parents and the grandparents. This change will take effect from the new year. It is designed in such a way so that it makes a fair system for all the applicants, refugees and citizens.

Canada Adopts Lottery System For Reuniting Immigrants With Their Parents and Grandparents

Top Immigration Consultants for Canada have listened to the past stories of applicants and have made the process fair for people who are willing to sponsor their parents as well as grandparents. They are ensuring everyone that they can access the application processes by giving them chance to get their name chosen.

Permanent residents and canadian citizens who are willing to sponser their parent as well as grandparents required to completely fill online form between 3rd January 2017 and 2nd Feburary 2017. The form has to be filled online within 30 days on IRCC’s website.

Once the information gets properly transmitted, the prospective sponsor gets a confirmation number. The recent release from IRCC says that the duplicate entries will be removed. It also warns that completing the form does not imply that the person has applied to sponsor under the program.

In fact, at the end of 30 days, IRCC would randomly be picking 10,000 prospective sponsors and would be inviting them to complete the full application of the Parent and Grandparent Program. They would only have 90 days for submiting the full application. Those who do not get selected can reapply. IRCC informs everyone who completes the online form whether they got chosen or not. The sponsers who don’t get selected can undergo the same process again in 2018.

Last week, McCallum had announced for family reunification the government would be cutting the waiting time by half and would be completing the process in an average of one to two year.The government would be admiting about 20,000 parents and grandparents to Canada under this program in 2017. Its the same number as this year.

The Parents and the grandparents of Canadian citizens or even the permanent residents can apply for a super visa or can also be in touch with the Immigration Consultants for Canada that allows them to extend a visit to upto two years after the initial entry into Canada. There’s also a 10-year multiple-entry visa which allows several visits of up to six months at a time.

Transparency needed

The CEO of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants told that the Canada has a long and old tradition of welcoming parents and grandparents as part of the family reunification program. According to him, they contribute immensely to the social and economic fabric of Canada, often helping to care for children while the parents go for work.

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