Most Expensive City In Canada For Day Care

Examining the average cost of day care in Canada particularly those located in the biggest cities, the research unveils the priciest day care centers are headquartered in Vancouver and Toronto while the less expensive ones are found in Winnipeg and Quebec. Essentially, the key determinants highly hinges on the province. In the same way, the large towns that have set fees are much more reasonably-priced as compared to those whose day care centers are market-driven. Basically, it is not clearly disclosed why such centers hike their service fees.

Most Expensive City In Canada For Day Care

In addition, child care fees are considered the least overpriced in Quebec where fees are set by the province and are similar across all age groups in the said area. Needless to say, parents are having difficulties in terms of finances particularly those who have infants and toddlers to send to child care centers like Victoria BC Day Care. The hike in fees is quite a burden and it is surprising that the rate in fees continuously rise every year which truly adds more pressure to working parents who also need to consider other household expenditures.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently revealed in a report that Canada has the most costly fee for day care among its thirty-five members. More than that, Canadian families spend nearly a quarter of their finance’s on child care alone- as a matter of fact, this ratio states that it is much higher as compared to other parts of the globe. Evidently, expensive child care in Canada is one of the reasons why some families find it hard to get by even when both parents have their respective jobs.

The good news is that even though child care is at a premium in Canada, you can still search for day care centers that ask for reasonable fees. You can start your search at Day Care in Victoria BC.

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