Checklist To Buy An Electric Kettle

Electric kettle is one multipurpose and smart kitchen appliance available in the market. Not only you can boil water, but you can prepare just any sort of hot beverages, boil eggs, boil noodles, etc. That is why electric kettle is one good appliance most of the kitchen experts recommend of having in the kitchen. However, as you go out, you get lots of options to choose from. For a common man, this might be confusing because he is unable to decide which electric kettle shall be the best for him. We present you a must have checklist using which you can compare and decide the best electric kettle for yourself.

Total Capacity of the Kettle

Total capacity of the kettle should be one crucial factor when you buy an electric kettle online in India. A large kettle would allow you to boil egg etc. in the kettle itself. Thus no matter what your requirement is, it is advisable that you should go for a kettle of a large capacity.

Keep Warm Option

An ideal electric kettle should have a keep warm option. Even if you are not able to serve your hot beverage immediately or are not able to use the boiled water, the keep warm option shall ensure that you do not have to waste your time boiling it again.

Checklist To Buy An Electric Kettle

Minimum Amount of Water that you can Boil

Most of the people living alone do not need to boil a lot of water. Hence your kettle should be able to boil at least 2 cups of water at minimum.

Auto Turnoff Option

Auto turnoff option is a very vital safety option you must look for while buying an electric kettle. Lot of times we just turn the kettle on and get busy with daily chores of life. If we forget to turn the kettle off, it might attract a safety issue. Auto turnoff feature will turn the kettle automatically off once the water is boiled at a certain temperature thus preventing any sort of safety disaster.

Go for the Cordless Model

Your ideal electric kettle should have a cordless base (or the cord should be easily detachable. This will ensure that your kettle is completely mobile and you can easily carry it to the desired place.

Look if the Kettle is Easy to Handle

Body of lots of kettle get hot as you boil the water inside. You should avoid buying such electric kettles. The perfect kettle should not and must not be hot to touch. If it does it may result in accident. Look for the overall finish of the handle of the kettle. It should be made of cooling off material (bad conductor of heat) and at the same time it should not be slippery

Kettle should have a Water Level Indicator

A good electric kettle should have the water level indicator marking just to keep track exactly how much water you are boiling.


Frankly speaking, like any other electronic product you should not buy an electric kettle without a warranty.

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