Chennai Tourism Resumes As Airport Reopens After The Long Spell Of Floods

Chennai, after witnessing a devastating bout of rain and flood, is returning to normalcy, of late. Tourism is picking up again and postponed trips have started to fall back on schedules of the tourists. Read on to know more.

It poured for more than a fortnight along the Coromandel Coasts. The banks of Adiyar erupted as the river swept Chennai into a mammoth pool of floodwater. Such a bout of massive rain was unprecedented in a century and nobody thought that in such modern times, when disaster management is part of a well-equipped government program, a city as advanced and cosmopolitan as Chennai would crumble to its knees under the heavy spell of a sudden monsoon. The loaded rains trapped everything, the residents and the tourists alike, and the airport submerged in the overflowing rainwater as Chennai came to a full halt during these challenging days. Rescue missions were launched and several people from across the region came forward to lend support and extend helping hands. Even while the means of communication to the city were badly interrupted, Hyderabad to Chennai train and trains from other rail routes functioned to their best and remained the exclusive resort of commute for travelers. It is an overnight journey by rail from Hyderabad to Chennai. Flights take around an hour.

Chennai Tourism Resumes As Airport Reopens After The Long Spell Of Floods

Of late, the water has receded and Chennai is coming back to its normal routine. But the marks engraved in the history of the city by the calamity can easily be seen. Nonetheless, as it is evident throughout the past, the human spirit never tends to give up and the life regains its full swing in a matter of days. The airlines have resumed services at Chennai airport and tourists have begun to fly in and out of the city as usual. One of the world’s hottest tourist destinations is bustling with optimism once again.

Chennai is a historic city with hundreds of years of legacy and heritage to follow and explore. It is a massive city that has taken into its stride the goodness of both the old and the new worlds. In one part of the city, you would find modern villages and street vendors giving out an impression of a small town. In some other part, you would find high-rise shopping malls, cineplexes and amenities of any smart city. The city proudly preserves its culture and at the same time imbibes the best of technological and industrial breakthroughs for shaping out an ideal world for the coming generations.

Chennai has so much to offer to the visitors. Marina Beach is the popular hangout in the city. It is the symbolic interstice in the long string of attractions that travelers to the city are fond of exploring. Marina Beach is the common place for recreation and enjoyment for both the natives and the visitors. From small-time snack vendors to kids busy flying kites to youngsters engrossed in the game of cricket, you would find different pieces of the city’s authentic facets and recreational chores coming together to fit in a single portrait that the Marina Beach conveniently showcases since ages.

Fort St. George, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Guindy National Park, Madras War Cemetry are other places of interest to visit here. With the city back to normal, you can now take a train to the city or board a flight as you no more need to postpone your trip to this place. Hyderabad to Chennai train runs regularly and you can also reach the city from major cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Have a nice tour!

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