Top 4 Alternatives To Your Opener Remote

Automatic garage doors made our lives a lot easier, and it got even better when remotes came along. However, we have remotes for almost anything in the house – the air conditioner, the TV, DVD, receiver – and of course the garage door. This is a tad too much, and there are better solutions out there nowadays. Yes, better solutions than the old garage door remote, and not only in terms of remote-quantity, but in terms of security control as well.  So why not take this time to pull yourself out of the stone-age by upgrading the way you manage and monitor the use of your door? If you want to know where to start looking when you step into the modern day ‘future’, have a read through these fantastic suggestions.

Top 4 Alternatives To Your Opener Remote

* Universal controllers – an all in one solution

The best solution to having too many clickers stashed around is to boil them down into one simple to use and easy to keep the device. Universal remote controls are not exactly new to the world, but they have developed to become more advanced as time has gone on. If you have a remote for the gate, garage and entrances at the office all taking up space and getting in the way, then perhaps it is time to start looking at one of these wonderful little devices, but they are not the only option out there.

* Wireless keypads make things easy and impressive

For better accessibility to your door’s management while you are at home, wireless garage door keypads offer excellent mobility and convenience. They will work from anywhere in the house, so having one or two of them in strategic places will make your life easier. Since they can be carried, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted no matter what room you are in. They can also have a video and audio feed function so that you can see who is outside without actually having to go and physically check.

* Bluetooth – for around the house

Bluetooth has become a popular application for many different electronic devices, and so it is no surprise that it can be used with some opener receivers. A Bluetooth capable receiver will let you cut out the need for a remote by putting the control right onto your mobile device. This means less chance of losing clickers, and greater control over who can come in and out.

Top 4 Alternatives To Your Opener Remote

* Wi-fi receivers – why not?

Much like the Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi also lets your phone or tablet behave like a remote. Wi-Fi capable opener receivers make use of your home’s network to assimilate functions with your opener by connecting it to the internet. This means that you can operate and monitor your door from anywhere with an internet connection, even when you are not at home.

New and advanced isn’t necessarily better, but you will have to agree these fine alternatives are quite tempting to try. Take advantage of today’s technology, and enjoy better control and security.

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