Contentmart: Why It Is One Of The Good Things For The Content Writers

Being in the profession of writing for almost a decade now, I am well versed with all the challenges that a content writer face, especially during sending the proposal, getting the articles reviewed by the clients and carrying out money transaction satisfactorily. In the very first place, writing quality content requires unwavering focus and continuous diligence.

Contentmart: Why It Is One Of The Good Things For The Content Writers

Over and above this, task becomes even more tedious when the following processes turn out to be complicated and cumbersome. In fact I found most of the online content portals lack in the speed, transparency, and timely management of the various tasks involved in delivering effective content and ensuring satisfactory relation between writer and clients.

However this perception of mine underwent a drastic change the moment I came across . Just so you know, contentmart is an online platform conceived by taking into the consideration the needs of both writers and clients. I, being a writer, have written for number of clients on this platform and am amazed by the way the whole process starting from sending the proposal to crediting the amount is streamlined. The experience for working on the contentmart is simply delighting as I can say without any hesitation that this market place has not only met my expectations but actually exceeded them. What comes as an icing on the cake is the fact that there is no membership fee of any sort and anyone can join and start working totally free of cost.

The process of bidding for the proposal is extremely simple. You can choose from the list of orders displayed under ‘All orders’. Depending upon the area of expertise, one can select the client / order and leave the offer with optional fields of suggested price and suggested deadline. Once the proposal is reviewed and accepted by the client, you will be awarded an order with full details of price per word along with order deadline. It is mandatory to complete the order within the suggested time limit or else, it will be expired.

Once you complete the order, it has to be posted on order dialogue box and subsequently must be submitted online. Upon submission, the system will undertake a Plagiarism check that is required in order to ascertain the originality of the content. Once the content passes the plagiarism test, it will be automatically submitted to the client. Finally client will review it and accordingly gives the feedback. If there required some changes, writer will have to make the necessary adjustment / amendments and resubmit the Order. Once approved by the client, the amount agreed will be credited to the writer’s account.

The biggest draw of contentmart is its transparency, swiftness, easy and seamless order process and on time crediting of the payment.

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