Quaint and Lesser Known Eateries In Goa That Will Take Your Heart Away!

With lovely beaches being the highlight of this destination, Goa likewise offers a few different alternatives apart from riding a bicycle and unwinding at a beach shack. Not only does Goa have space for each kind of explorer, it also tosses you out of your usual range of familiarity to add somewhat more eccentricity to your stay here. Talking of food, why go to the mainstream places when there are such a large number of other marvelous spots you can visit in this Portuguese riviera? Thank us later!

Quaint and Lesser Known Eateries In Goa That Will Take Your Heart Away!

The list of eateries that follow here will definitely entice any foodie to that limit where they would not be able to resist booking the next available Delhi Goa flights, or whatever medium of transport feasible. Read ahead and control your cravings until you reach Goa.

  1. The Black Sheep Bistro

This restaurant literally took the phrase “straight from the horse’s mouth” in a serious light. The owners Sabreen and Prahlad ensure that every other ingredient that is mentioned in their menu is farm fresh and organic. You won’t get anything out of the season here, since the motto of this restaurant is to cater seasonal delicacies only for the wellbeing of their patrons. This initiative by the duo has not only attracted a huge fan following for the restaurant, but also has contributed a bit to the state’s economy.

  1. Cafe Literati

Situated in the bye-paths of Calangute, Cafe Literati is not quite the same as the others on this rundown. It’s principally an enchanting book shop that likewise bends over as an Italian Cafe amid the vacationer season. In the event that you are a book lover, searching for some coffee and a decent time, then this is the spot. Shut on Sundays or any day the proprietor needs to go out for angling.

  1. Mustard

Mustard might simply resemble a general eatery, with nothing entirely vital about it, but the intriguing part around a supper here is feasting at a theater. Yes you heard that right! Not only would you be able to appreciate the culinary experience without bounds, but also you can appreciate the feast with some imaginative exhibitions as well. This is one of only a handful of eateries in Goa that has a menu that consolidates Bengali and French foods to make enchantment!

  1. Vivenda Dos Palhacos

One of the offbeat eateries in Goa that work around giving clients an experience like no other. The eatery is a comfortable spot with warm vibes that are quite welcoming. What adds the home-like touch to the feeling of the eatery is the collective eating space, with room for more than 15 individuals to eat at a time! It assembles an impeccable atmosphere to meet new people and interact with outright outsiders you’ll likely never see again.

  1. L’Atelier

Now this one takes the whole feel and process of eating out a few notches up! The restaurant tries to incorporate you in the entire procedure of serving the feast, right from planning and cooking it directly before you, to relishing the whole cooked delicacy right by the seaside. Furthermore, if you like the food, they’re prepared to show you how to make some for yourself at home as well! Exciting? This definitely wouldn’t let you sit calm and composed throughout your Delhi Goa flights. Bet?

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