Double-glazed Windows: For Better Insulation

The installation of double or triple glazed windows is now a must for new construction as well as renovation. Indeed, heat leaks through doors and windows account for up to 25% of the heating bill! To save energy as well as to improve your daily comfort, you will be advised to replace your old and insufficient windows with new double-glazed windows. The thermal efficiency of double-glazed windows comes from their design. Indeed, they are composed of two plates of glass, between which a layer of air or the rare gas (argon or krypton) acts as an insulator. The air works well, But the gas even better. This is often krypton. This system eliminates the problems of condensation, condensation and cold contact with the glass … It effectively limits the loss of calories in your home. The dimensions of the three blades (glass, gas, glass) are generally 4/12/4 mm, or 4/16/4, or 4/10/10 to add sound insulation. The joinery of the windows can be made of PVC, wood, aluminum, wood-aluminum composite …

Double-glazed Windows: For Better Insulation

What criteria influence the price of double-glazed windows?

The price of double-glazed windows varies greatly, from single to triple. The main criteria influencing this variation are:

Window format (standard or customized): Standard windows are much less costly than custom windows, which have to be manufactured specifically for you.

Insulating gas: Rare gases such as krypton or argon are quite expensive, so double glazing with these gases will be more expensive than those with an air gap.

The material of the carpentry: It is the PVC which is the least expensive. Next, come the wood and the aluminum, to finish by the mixed frames (wood and aluminum), the most expensive.

Options: several options can be integrated into double glazed windows; Glass with soundproofing, reflective glass, heated window or anti-burglary, each of these options will inflate the price.

Some examples of prices for double glazed windows

Wooden window, double glazing: Average prices between 150 and 350 euros per window

Double glazed window PVC: Average prices between 100 and 250 euros per window

You should be aware that if this investment seems to be cumbersome, it is quickly profitable thanks to the large energy savings generated and the various ecological aids available for this purchase. These include the Energy Tax Credit (30% tax reduction on the material price) and the energy premium (up to 50% depending on your resource requirements).

Installation costs

It all depends on the work to be done if you just fit a new window under the old one, two or three hours of work per window may suffice. If it is necessary to change the opening, remove the old frame and redo the masonry, it can be much longer … and more expensive!

Depending on where you live, the hourly price will not be the same. You will need about 50 € in the provinces and 70 € in the Paris region.

The price of laying a double-glazed window will vary between 150 and 1 000 € inclusive of tax. If you have this work done by a qualified RGE professional (Recognized Environmental Undertaking), however, you will be eligible for various subsidies such as an eco-zero loan, tax credit or energy premium.

How to choose your window?

To be sure not to be disappointed by your new double-glazed windows, avoid at all costs the low end: the insulation would be mediocre and the frame would be damaged quickly, you would be obliged to change them again after a few years. Remember to check the insulation coefficient.

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