The Benefits of Anavar and Typical Dosages

When it comes to a lean body and reduced muscle mass, Anavar is considered as the best option among other class of tablets. Body builders heavily rely on these kinds of boosters which help in cutting cycles. When opting for Anavar, it is one of the safest used anabolic supplements that one can trust upon. This tablet is very much in demand among bulkers. To experience the best of this tablet, one must carefully stick on to the cycle that is recommended. Though it is a safer drug, incorrect usage of this supplement may lead to unnecessary side effects.

What does Anavar Do?

Anavar is like the male hormones in the body and hence it is tagged under the name of anabolic steroids. Though Anavar is targeted for lean muscle, it is also helpful in relieving other major problems happening in the human body. Anavar helps the users in healing wounds and in curing respiratory related problems. It also helps in promoting muscle mass thereby boosting energy. Increased metabolism which is provided by Anavar will boost the workouts carried out by bulkers and athletes. Strength and stamina are one of the key concepts for persons who are involved in athletic activities. Hence Anavar comes as a boon for those who wish to become lean with increased stamina. When you purchase the top brand of Anavar supplement, you can experience the best results.

Side effects of Anavar

Anavar possesses a lot of benefits to the users in increasing the energy level of the athletes and body builders. However inappropriate usage of Anavar leads to mild to serious side effects. Serious side effects include damage to the liver and respiratory organs. Increased level of nausea and dizziness are frequent symptoms reported by Anavar users due to over dosage. Women, when consumed without appropriate prescription, may face infertility problems and cardiovascular issues. Women also face problems related to deepening of vocal cords as Anavar is said to possess masculine effects.

Anavar and its Dosages

Anavar, unlike other supplements, is very mild in nature. Due to its mild nature, it can be used for a longer span of time, unlike other supplements. Hence, it is always considered to be a friendly supplement for both men and women. However, females should keep in mind that due to its sensitive properties, heavier dosage may lead to unnecessary and irreversible side effects. 6-8 weeks of Anavar dosage gives desired results the bulkers wish for. Though it is considered that the ideal dosage of Anavar ranges anywhere from 10 mg to 100 mg, the intake is mainly dependent on the individual’s capability to intake Anavar. For a female, typical Anavar usage comes approximately around 10 mg whereas, for male, the safer usage comes close to 30 mg per day.

Anavar, also commonly known as Oxandrolone gives the best result for the first time cutting cycles. This, determining the safer dosage of Anavar which is best for your health plays a major role in getting lean muscle. The top brand of Anavar supplement is generally preferable due to its quality and the outcome it gives.

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