Educationalize Your Vacations

Its summer and the kids are supposed to have fun which is true but what about all that knowledge which is escaping their minds slowly. Remember the time you put in with the kids to learn science concepts and learn their multiplication well if they are revised soon they will surely fly out the window, leaving you to start again. An educational vacation doesn’t mean you should hit the books besides the beach rather it’s to incorporate some educational elements into the vacation you are taking. This can be done for kids and teens likewise.

Include them in Planning

Most often no teen wants to go on a family trip and leave their friends behind but they will be more willing to come if you ask their hand in planning the whole flight to Nairobi (Book your Flights). Get them included in the plan and ask them to research and find the best rates. This will enhance their researching, communication and management skills that will benefit them in the future.  You can also give them a budget that will have to be incorporated in the vacation they find.

Hire a Tour Guide

Children and teen alike can quickly become tired of museums and reading information about each sight rather it always pays to hire a guide which will tell you about a sight in a interesting manner. Later you can playfully ask questions from what the guide said and this will test the children’s memory. The children could also voluntarily tell you all the information upon which you could reward them.

It’s All in the Perspective

Look at things from a new angle and incorporate educational aspect into them. Revise physics’ rules when on the swings or look at nature from a biological point of view.  The more knowledge which they learnt at school is applied in the real world the more likely they will retain the concepts and become better at school.


When you come back from the holiday don’t just recount stories as to how Susie fell in the pool rather refresh the kid’s memory about the sights they visited and the facts they remember. Again rewards can be given when they tell you the most facts or points from vacation.

Educationalize Your Vacations

Money Matters

During the trip the teens or kids can be given a budget and asked to include all the day’s meals in them or allocate a budget for souvenir shopping. This will enhance their mental math and give them exposure to the concept of currency.


For sure kids will use their gadgets to beat boredom in the plane or on the road make sure the apps they use in that time a knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the culture. This can be done specially with kids as they often use the apps you download for them. Also keep a check on apps that destroy mental cells such as those dreaded dressing up games.

Map Reading

The old paper maps are starting to become scarce but that doesn’t mean they don’t help. An atlas at home and a quick glance at it before you leave home will do wonders for the growing mind.  A visual representation always helps the mind identify better where they are heading towards and what to expect.

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