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Many homeschooling families feel as if they are part of a forgotten subset, a group that is disenchanted from society and largely ridiculed by the majority. For those families feeling lost or alone, a magazine dedicated entirely to the homeschool lifestyle can feel like a lifeline, a reminder that they are not alone in their choice to homeschool, and that they have a community of like-minded individuals to rely on for advice, tips, and support. Just as each family homeschools differently, so is each homeschool magazine different so be prepared to agree and disagree with articles, comments, and advertisements in various publications. Reading with an open mind might open your eyes to different perspectives and ideas that you can incorporate into your homeschool to enrich the education of your children. Not only will you be learning as you page or scroll through these informative magazines but you will be modeling for your children that learning is a lifelong endeavor.  Keep in mind that many publications are now available solely online so be prepared to read on your computer or tablet!

Homeschooling Magazines offers a bi-monthly online magazine filled with practical tips and solutions to common homeschooling issues. The articles are written by homeschooling parents and are generally each dedicated to a specific topic; this is a handy feature if you are looking specifically for math or science activities and don’t want to scroll through a ton of information to find it.  The magazines also include family-oriented activities, recipes, and games plus an annual Gift Guide with remarkable ideas and reviews for everyone in the family.

Homeschool Enrichment, written largely by homeschooling parents, offers lists and advice to help homeschool families succeed. Recent issues covered a wide range of topics including Customizing your Highschooler’s Education, Handling a High Needs Child, and Using Faith in Our Homeschools. Each issue also features Bible verses and inspirational articles and quotes to uplift and encourage you as you battle through each tough decision and challenging moment. Many families utilize past issues as resources when preparing for a new educational unit or new school year; this is not a magazine you read and recycle but instead reuse over the years.

The Old Schoolhouse Family Education Magazine  is available in print and online, and even offers mobile access, proving that old dogs can learn new tricks. This magazine prides itself on providing both interesting content and a valuable marketplace for its readers and vendors. Writers offer real-life tips on subjects such as teaching a foreign language, igniting an interest in U.S. history, and recommendations on curriculum, supplies, and other resources.  In addition to the articles, The Old Schoolhouse provides online and in print advertising targeted specifically for homeschooling families and their needs.  This magazine in particular does not focus solely on homeschooling mothers, although it does feature a Hey Mama! section, but also focuses on Dad’s role in the homeschool environment.

Regardless of your homeschool philosophy, you can find an online or print resource to help you in your quest to provide the best education for your children.

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