Looking for an Ideal Screed Floor? Check Out its Advantages!

Do you wish to keep the suspended flooring in the house on the softer side? Are you looking for specific concrete slab that suits perfectly in case of your house extension? With c20 concrete base you can get your answer!

While a building is being constructed, it is very important that each and every construction material that is used has passed the British/European standards of quality. This ensures that while construction takes place, there are no chances of glitch that could hamper the quality of the whole structure. As an important form of the site mix concrete type, this is surely one of the most sought after options in case of building warehouses and garages.

Speciality of construction with this type:

Unlike other types of ready mix concrete varieties that are available, this is one type that is specifically a mix, perfect for lightweight domestic usage. In case you are looking for an internal slab floor without any metal base, then c20 concrete is the variety to opt for!

Most importantly, it is on this base that various types of screed can be applied to ensure that the screed floor of your house is the classiest in your London neighbourhood!

Construction sites those are ideal for using this type of concrete:

Speaking on a general note, site mix concrete is surely one of the most preferred modes of concrete used for construction and flooring of a house. Given its multiple advantages, in regards to minimisation of wastage, and improving labour efficiency, this mixture is most definitely a choice for one and all!

Hence, one can surely check out those sites that specifically require this specific type of concrete.

  • This concrete mix of the 20 compressor strength is used in slab foundations of bungalows and houses.
  • In case you wish to construct a caravan pathway or base, this variety of mixed concrete is ideal.
  • In case of house extensions, or garages and patios, this c20 concrete mixture is ideal.
  • Also, driveways, workshop bases, oversites for conservatories, greenhouses, and foundations for large walls, specifically use this type of concrete.

Thus, layering of such types of flooring with screed is the ideal way to ensure that you have a perfect base to construct a header to it.


Ways to lay screed floor on the concrete slabs:

This is one of the most important processes to ensure that bonding of the layer on the floor and the concrete is hardened. Initially, the layer of cement is removed from the concrete floor and then it is dampened with water to reduce competition regarding absorption of water. Since in most cases, the screed mix ratio is 4:1 in terms of sand to water, hence, this thick paste is to be laid on the floor and spread evenly with rake and pound to harden its surface. Another coat is added to this already mixed layout for giving it a final touch.

Thus, this layering on the top is surely one of the best ways to ensure that you get ideal flooring for those arenas of your house.

Benefits of using screed floor:

In case you are wondering as to what may be the benefits of using this type of floor, here is a list that ensures you would want to immediately have a look at it!

  • This type of flooring has an advantage of internally keeping the house or room warm. Since, installation is done in a manner in which warmth of that room can be maintained, the liquid content, as well as the sand within this, helps in holding up the warmth of the room.
  • Also, there are times when a concrete floor can be uneven. With a screed coating the floor can be made even and a polished look can be given to that surface.
  • With liquid screed, floors look all the more attractive and functional, improving their quality.

Thus, with time more and more people are making this as a choice. In case you are confused regarding which solution to apply, here is a list of flooring types that make for a perfect layering if the mix for floor screed is maintained at a good ratio.

  • The traditional sand cement flooring solution in ratio 3:5 is used in most cases.
  • In order to improve standard of screed, a number of chemicals are added on to this sand cement flooring quality.

Time for you to check out your ideal screed for best results!

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