How Are Celebrities Influencing Teens – The Kardashian Bottom Is One Strong Reason

Some teens fascinate dressing up as celebrities and following the lives of famous stars, but some are influenced deeply. Teens are emphasizing on the beauty of celebrities and the urge of looking like them through different plastic surgery procedures. While some teens are struggling to meet impossible standards, some of them are taking surgical procedures seriously.

According to a research conducted on teens and plastic surgery in the past year, 82% of the surveyed surgeons reported on celebrities being the major influence for patients deciding to undergo plastic surgery. And more than 18,000 teens were reported for getting injected with a form of Botox. But, it’s not just Botox, teens are getting breast augmentation and butt enhancement.

However, plastic surgery can be beneficial for teens just as it is for adults – when they seek surgeon for correcting a noticeable physical defect or change the body part which might cause psychological distress.  It is important though for the teenager to want plastic surgery only on a personal choice and not for someone else or to look like anyone else.

When a teenager comes to Crispin Plastic Surgery Center for Butt Augmentation in Atlanta and want to simple look like a specific celebrity, the consultation will ring an alarm. It is even important for teenagers to come for procedures like Rhinoplasty or breast augmentation with family support. So, it’s OK to explore the options of plastic surgery, but do ensure that you’re seeing a reputable plastic surgeon who is capable of determining your suitability for the surgery.

But there’s one thing that makes women (including teenagers) rush to plastic surgery centers and that is the strong influence of stars – let’s see how that works.

The Famous Bottom of Kardashian’s is on Rage:

It took place in 2014 and even now, youngsters are approaching surgeons for achieving similar butt look- the Kim Kardashian butt. Internet went crazy with Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous. The famous star was seen in Paper Magazine’s winter issue in a nude pose barring her famous derriere and followed with thousands of feedbacks.

How Are Celebrities Influencing Teens – The Kardashian Bottom Is One Strong Reason

Everyone wanted to know if the picture was photo-shopped or Kim had gone under but augmentation procedure. Kim went to all extents in order to proof that she doesn’t have butt implants and what she has is her natural butt. Sources however do claim that she might have had the fat removed from her tummy and thighs and injected into her bottom.

The Curves Are the Desirable Trait:

Curves now days are in more demand, teens and adults both are aiming for bigger butts and breasts. The men believe that curves make women look sexy and the days for looking good bring skinny are long gone. Research shows that when considering a woman attractive, men consider her waist to hip ratio as the number one factor in rating her.

Women are sometimes seen going at an extreme length for getting a figure like Kim and other curvy celebrities. This trend has become more common in teens who are crazily involved in the “perfect selfie” game. This creates a satisfaction not only in their own bodies but a confidence of attracting the opposite sex gender. Some become successful in achieving this body and figure by following proper diet and body training at gym.

How Are Celebrities Influencing Teens – The Kardashian Bottom Is One Strong Reason

Teens however want rigorous results and find getting buttock implants or buttock lifts a better option than devoting hours at the gym. Butt augmentation has been on the rise since recent years due to Beyonce, J.LO and of course Kim K. Since plastic surgery has advanced, therefore plenty of options are available for achieving such results; butt augmentation is the best amongst the others.

Women who lose their curves after childbearing and end up with a flat bottom often choose butt lift to enhance their appearance. The best part about plastic surgery is that one procedure can be combined with the other. In this case fat from the problem area can be removed with liposuction and be moved in to the butt through procedures as Brazilian butt lift.

While some women might not have enough fat to be removed and stored, they can always opt for buttock implants. Buttock implants will help create gorgeous curves and will also give a contoured back. Buttock implant can turn a flat butt into a perkier and shapely one with only a single procedure. No matter what you want to achieve, plastic surgery is a promising surgical enhancement for fulfilling your desires.

However, teens should always remember that their age will not allow them to undergo all surgical procedures. They should approach plastic surgeons only when surgery is required and not desired for changing the appearance. Looking like celebrities and changing the appearance through surgery is certainly not appreciated. Moreover, this entire process, teens should have a strong support of family and the surgeon chosen should be well equipped with skills and experience.

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