How can physiotherapy help in the treatment of Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition of nerve roots characterized by tingling sensation and pain in the nerve roots that lead to sciatic nerve. The nerve roots that come out of spinal cord actually form the sciatic nerve, and proceeds to the lower back. The sciatic nerve moves all the way through buttocks towards leg and finally to the ankle. When there is sciatica, sharp pain is experienced at the back. The pain starts from lower back and then radiates towards legs, knees and ankles. This sort of pain is also referred to as sciatica nervous pain. The pain can be shooting, burning and stabbing. You may feel weakening or sort of numbness in the nerve. Physiotherapists are the healthcare professionals that assess or diagnose the condition, treat it and take necessary steps to prevent it. They are such experts in the field that can restore movement, functioning of body and work in close association with the patients.

Physical therapist also helps to recover from body injury, helps to reduce joint stiffness and pain. He increases mobility by reducing any sort of discomfort. If there is any disorder present right from birth, still the physical therapist can help.

How effective is the treatment?

Physiotherapy is the best and the most effective treatment for Sciatica. An experienced physical therapist may help in the treatment of tingling pain and numbness in the leg. These are the pretty common symptoms of Sciatica. The ones who experience acute pain in the lower back and legs can get great relief. If nothing is done timely, it can lead to herniated disc, further narrowing down of nerve space, stenosis, hip tightness, misaligned pelvis. A physical therapist has a great role to perform here. He is equipped with such treatment forms and techniques that bring about quick relief from pain and discomfort. He is aware of the best stretching exercises that might help. He will carry out mechanical diagnosis, adopt certain muscle energizing techniques, adopts mobilization procedures, carries out spinal stabilization to bring about relief. People quite easily respond to core strengthening exercises. With such exercises, the sciatica patient feels better.

What kind of therapy is prescribed?

You may be wondering what type of therapy you will be prescribed being a Sciatica patient. Well, the therapy you will be prescribed differs from what others are prescribed. It all depends on your condition and its severity. When you visit the place of physical therapist, he can’t straightaway come up with therapies suitable for you. He will evaluate your condition by subjecting you to a series of tests. The physical therapist suggests manual therapy and exercises as per your requirements. Since each and every patient is unique with different requirements, the physical therapy and exercises will also differ.

How can physical therapy help? 

It is important to see a physical therapist if you have Sciatica. He determines manual therapies and exercises meant for you. They will be prescribed on the basis of pain suffered. Some of the medical facilities conduct complimentary injury screening. If you are in pain, you may visit physical therapist for consultation at least. Some of the therapists offer free consultation services. If you need better outcome, you should see physical therapist at the earliest.

It is important to be careful of one’s posture while sitting or doing computer work. Most of the body aches result from poor posture. You may also contact a physical therapist when you need healthcare at home services.


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