How Hot Should You Heat A Hot Tub?

Hot tubs can be a lot of fun but they require a fair bit of upkeep in order to keep them working at their best for years to come. Part of that upkeep is keeping pH balance at the right levels and regular cleaning. Regular usage is also an important part of maintenance as it helps to prevent problems such as clogged pipes, corrosion, and cracking.

Winter Usage

It’s easy to get lots of use out of a hot tub in the winter! That warm cozy feeling can be comforting on a cold day as well as helping you relax and ease tense muscles.As body temperature is about 37.5°C anything above that will feel warm. It is usually recommended to keep the temperature no more than a few degrees above body temperature, especially if it is being used by children or for extended periods of time.

A good temperature in this case is about 38-39°C. If you prefer to take quick dips and do not have children you might want to set it at hot as 40-42°C. If operating your hot tub as higher temperatures, be sure to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated. It is more energy efficient to keep the hot tub hot and buy a good, insulated cover if you plan to use it frequently than it is to heat it from scratch each time.

How Hot Should You Heat A Hot Tub

Summer Usage

A hot tub has far less appeal in the heat of the summer months but you will do your tub a disservice by letting it sit unused for a few months so what’s the best way to make use of it? Simple – instead of heating the water, allow it to drop below body temperature and use it as a great way to cool off in the midday heat instead! Keep it covered using any custom spa cover during the day whenever it is not in use and remove the cover in the evening for a few hours after the sun has set to allow some of the heat to bleed off.

Running the tub briefly can help to disperse any heat it has absorbed from the sun over the course of the day.

You may wish to erect a canopy over the hot tub in order to shade it and provide a more cooling, refreshing atmosphere depending on how hot the summers get in your area. Just remember that although a hot tub can be used to keep you cool, it should not be used to keep other stuff – like beer bottles or pop cans – cool so don’t mistake it for a giant cooler! Beer bottles can chip the hot tub’s interior and filling it with ice will throw off the sensitive pH balance.

There is no reason why a hot tub must be hot but that does not mean that you can completely neglect the chemical balance of your tub! Even during the summer when you are not heating your water, be sure to maintain the right pH balance to prevent damage and buildup on pipes as well as the growth of bacteria.

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